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We don’t just promise – we deliver on our promise! We provide our clients with the best software products and services. We are a customer-centric software products and services company with a proven record of accomplishment. We have more than two decades of experience in enterprise software development, and business software services, conceiving and delivering the best value of technology. We value our customer and partner relationships and strive to achieve and sustain relationships that are long-term and can benefit and add value to all parties.

We are proud of our customer satisfaction ratings and we consider these relationships to be our most important asset. Please take a moment to review these Testimonials.

Mr. Ashwin Prajapati – Symphon

Smarten is an easy to use, affordable and powerful BI tool.

It is extremely robust and has helped our team eliminate data redundancy, which is common when using an excel spreadsheet.
It also helped us in collaborating the data from various sources into a single place, giving us interesting and useful insights which in turn helped in making decisions pertaining to increasing our service quality as well as sales.
We now have a single version of analytics for every one in the team.
It has also got N number of visualizations with easy data interactivity options.
With the features like NLP (Clickless Analytics) and Assistive predictive modelling, Smarten is a complete package tool for anyone looking for data analytics integration into their system.
It is also available as Mobile App so it is very easy to have dashboards and reports on the fingertips.

Mr. Kishor Gojiya, CIMS Hospital

We are one of the leading multi specialty hospitals in Gujarat who provides world-class treatment and healthcare services in India. Supervising all the functions in the hospital encircling patient management and their statistics, specialty management, etc. from one place was much needed for us as they were coming from various sources (PCS ERP, and other In-house Portals). High degree of manual work for the report preparation and getting timely updated reports was another challenge. With Smarten’s self-serve data preparation capability and minimal training, the data from various sources (SQL server, Excel files) were extracted, cleansed and transformed into ad-hoc analysis for our major areas like Clinical care, Inventory, Purchase, Finance, etc. We were happy with the product and services and we have expanded our user licenses to more divisions recently. We appreciate the work and support of team Smarten and look forward to more BIG engagements in future!

Uday Malya – BLR Logistics.

Smarten’s approach to understanding the requirements has been significant throughout. With the help of their team, the data managed through our RLogic ERP has been pulled to the BI and rolled out three important modules – booking, vehicle costing, and customer exposure. The Smarten support was always responsive to our queries and are skilled in providing functional solutions.

We look forward to adding more modules to the Smarten platform and make it a single point platform for meeting all our management information needs.

We highly recommend this product! 

Mr. Aakrosh Sharma, Caratlane.

Being one of the leading online jewelry retailers, getting the right data at the right time is very crucial to make data-driven decisions. Our data is also spread across various systems such as Synergics ERP, Mix Panel, and Spreadsheets etc. Smarten integrated the data from various sources to a single BI in the form of meaningful analytics. With the help of Smarten solutions team and with minimal training, our team was able to implement BI into areas like Merchandise, Supply chain, Inventory, etc.  From supply chain to customer buying behavior, employee information to inventory details – every interaction and data point offers an opportunity to make the business more efficient and successful. We look forward to further association in the future.

Dave Patel, TaskFlow Answer , USA

“We (TaskFlow Answer) are a leading company over 55 years of diverse international experience in the health care industry with our Referral Answer system. With the help of Smarten multi tenant framework, the architectural and framework development efforts were brought down for our customers and increased the productivity thereby saving both time and money.

With the help of Smarten’s efficient internal resources we were able to develop end user modules like Revenue, Compliance, Inventory, Fax, Resupply, etc. quickly and efficiently. The smarten team took an understanding on our database tables, views, etc. and independently worked on our database to have the bottom line – SSDP of smarten – in place. We have had very challenging deliverables and Smarten team has come through for us. The diligence, professionalism, and integrity by their team have made our collaboration a remarkable adventure. I look forward to our continued work together.”

Bhaven Shah, CORONA Remedies Private Limited, India

“The pre-Smarten era was a difficult phase for us in terms of Insightful reporting. Being a versatile solution that has experience in handling pharma clients, Smarten coped up well with our complex reporting requirements. Our requirements were more complex due to multiple data sources, and our complex sales team structure and dynamic sales incentive structures. Smarten team worked with our team to build the base structure of staging database and key reporting structures, and then our internal team could expand it further on their own with support of Smarten team. The complete browser-based application and easy to use interface helped us develop our major modules like Sales, Incentive, MIS, Profit and Loss, etc. and also to automatically distribute the reports to the entire team through the scheduler functionality. We  look forward to a long term relationship with Smarten on our journey to the BI analytics.”

Pratik Makwana, JadeBlue

Smarten is a super fast, 100% browser based and simple to use BI tool that is rich in features and easy to dig deeper into solutions. Smarten meets all our sales and stock related business requirements and we are happy to get it implemented in our organization. We are able to make quick Analytics for our various divisions using Smarten. A product or support of this quality is central to the smooth functioning of any business house. Smarten is highly recommended.

Binoy Shah, Soham Erp Solutions Pvt.Ltd

Being a solution provider to pharma industry, importance of analytics, KPIs and ad hoc reporting capabilities were becoming more and more important to our customers. We joined hands with the Smarten team, and jointly developed the base template, and trained our implementation and support team, and now, we are self-sufficient in developing and rolling out new analytics, dashboards, KPI, and reports to our customers. The tool is so user friendly and easy to use that our customer now have started developing the report, KPI’s as per their requirement. Majorly the tool has been able to impress the apex team of the company as its ability to display lots on details on a single screen has got their attention. Using Smarten’s multi-tenant framework, we were able to move to a cloud-based solution, and provide stable, uninterrupted analytics to our customers. We are happy to work with their support team and to see continued improvements and new features in Smarten.

Biren Parikh, CERA Sanitaryware Limited, India

We are one of the leading brands in Sanitary, Faucet & Tiles industry, with a manufacturing location at Kadi and distributions across the country. We have SAP and other enterprise applications (CRM application, Payroll, etc.) and we wanted to provide 360 degree analytics not only to our HODs or CxOs or Seniors, but up to the operational level in our team. With Smarten, we have been able to integrate various enterprise systems and roll out analytics in very short time frame with highly competitive TCO, and with their compressive tools and support including support portal with knowledge base articles, ticket based supporting systems and webinars, helps us maintain high availability for our analytics.

Jim Sproat, Community People Limited, UK

“You can tell when a strategic supplier truly understands your business and your needs: he takes your brief, your product requirements and he makes that specification much better than you imagined. Elegant Micro Web have done that for us since day one – five years ago! Without our strategic alliance with Elegant Micro Web I doubt if Community People would have become the Number 1 supplier of eDemocracy and eConsultation solutions. If your need is for service, imagination, creativity and value, use Elegant!”

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