Hybrid Mobile App Development

Hybrid Mobile Application Development & Support

The mobile application market has exploded and new technologies and frameworks are introduced on a regular basis.

Hybrid Mobile App Development is comprised of only one application and one code base, and performs seamlessly across all targeted platforms.

While this approach is not suitable for every mobile application, the Elegant MicroWeb team has the skill and experience to review your requirements and recommend the appropriate approach whether it be native development or hybrid app development, and suggest which hybrid development framework is most appropriate for the business to use, so the enterprise can achieve its goals.

  • Mobile Apps for Business
  • Email, Calendar and Organizer Applications
  • Audio and Video Applications
  • GIS and GPS based Mobile applications
  • Social Networking and Community Apps
  • Mobile CMS
  • Applications Using RFID, Bluetooth, Barcodes, and Data Synchronization
  • Mobile Apps integrated with Smart Watches and Other Devices

Elegant MicroWeb Hybrid Mobile App Services

  • User interface conceptualization and design
  • User experience improvement
  • Mobile app architecture, design and development
  • Mobile app manual and automated testing
  • Integration with content management systems and portals and enterprise apps
  • Web applications and web services integration
  • Smart watch application integration
  • Mobile app migration and upgrade
  • Configuration of mobile applications on app stores
  • Expert developers and mobile application development skills
  • White label partnerships for it providers and agencies
  • Dedicated offshore resources for mobile application development

Cross-Platform Skills and Experience

Ionic Framework

The Ionic Framework is an open source user interface toolkit that provides a rich environment to support mobile and desktop applications and web technologies. The Ionic Framework offers Angular and React integration and Ionic apps can be deployed anywhere with support for Android, Windows and iOS. The framework utilizes HTML, CSS and JavaScript and supports plug-ins.

Flutter Framework

Flutter is an open source user interface software development toolset created by Google. It supports Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, Google Fuchsia and web development projects using a single codebase to build native compiled applications for mobile, web and desktop use. Flutter widgets enable scrolling navigation, icons and fonts.

Our Hybrid Mobile Application Development Team

Elegant MicroWeb is a software development company, providing expert Mobile Application Development. Our cross-platform and domain expertise is combined with skilled offshore consulting, and software product development services. We have a wealth of experience with application integration and our expert developers can meet every client need.

We serve clients in many industries, and in many countries, including the UK, Australia, the US, Japan, the Middle East and Far East, Europe and India. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified, software product and application development company. Contact Us to find out how we can use our experience and skills to help you achieve your business goals.

Mobile & Tablets Technical Competency

Mobile App Development India!

These are just a few of the technology skills our team can apply to your business projects. Visit our Enterprise Technologies page for a complete listing of the tools, languages, frameworks, platforms and solutions our team uses to address global client requirements.

If you want the best Enterprise Software Services with cutting-edge technology, skills and experience, we invite you to contact us  to explore the possibilities and find out how we can help you to achieve your technology and business goals.

Contact Us today to discuss your project, or other software or related service requirements.

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