Don’t Leave Your Business Users Out in the Cold. Give Them BI Tools!

Don’t underestimate your business users! They have market, domain and professional expertise that add value to the organization and, with the right BI tools and features, business users can gather, analyze and make decisions using data from all across the enterprise. You don’t have to leave the business intelligence and analytics efforts to IT or business analysts or data scientists.

Provide access to self-serve business intelligence tools that allow business users to leverage personalized dashboards, key performance indicators (KPIs), reports, deep dive analytics and metrics that will help them make better decisions on a day-to-day basis and make the best recommendations to management.

No matter how ‘average’ your business user skills are, you can still enjoy this opportunity. Self-serve BI tools are designed for business users and the IT team can provide appropriate access and security to ensure that the right people see and use the right data. These tools are mobile, so users can enjoy these resources on the road and in the office.

With the right BI solution, you can also get out-of-the-box functionality designed for your business function and industry.

If you want your business users to promote, collaborate and adopt the use of data and business intelligence, it is important to provide a strong Modern Business Intelligence foundation designed to support your Business Function, Your Existing Business Applications and the unique needs of your industry. Visit our Blog to find out more about how to encourage Social Business Intelligence within your ranks.

Original Post : BI Tools Are Designed to Help Business Users Succeed!