The Client has a start-up business in the United States. This Client is focused on the recruitment technology market. Its business focuses on improving efficiency and quality of the complex process of sourcing in the recruitment industry. The Client business mission is to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the efficiency and speed of sourcing the best candidates.

This Client is a start-up in the recruiting industry in the U.S., and wished to promote a new, more efficient recruiting process, incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) to source, screen, engage and hire candidates more quickly and with better results. The Elegant MicroWeb worked closely with the Client team to create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and to design, develop, and implement a web interface and an AI enabled engine to analyze job descriptions and the required skills for positions and to search LinkedIn and other recruitment platforms and databases to shortlist applicants. This automated AI-enabled sourcing process is designed to reduce the expense and sourcing resources required to find candidates and can generate personalized letters using generative AI to present the opportunity and benefits of the job to an applicant. The system improves and automates the sourcing workflow and thereby reduces the cost and number of hours required to complete a recruiting and hiring process, ensuring the start-up business can offer a unique and comprehensive approach to recruiting and sourcing to improve its business results.