Hire Software Product Development Experts!

Over the years, I have had my share of mistakes. One that comes to mind that cost my company a lot of time and money was the mistake I made when I selected a vendor to develop a software product for us. Our business wanted to develop a product for the market and we saw a very clear opportunity to make money on a product that would satisfy our customer requirements and allow us to keep the product evergreen and upgrade it with new features as our customer expectations and needs changed.

I went through a strict process to find and interview vendors and my team was very selective. The one thing we did not consider was the fact that application developers were not necessarily skilled in product development. We learned our lesson the hard way. Product Development and Support is very different from application development. To effectively and efficiently develop, sell and support a software product you need a product road map. You need a partner who has domain, technology and platform expertise – one that can translate your requirements into recommendations and design, develop, maintain and support the product to ensure high-performance, mobility, and satisfy many other customer and market requirements now and in the future.

The product must have a functional architecture that is easy to manage, support and use. You’ll want to upgrade and change your product to accommodate anticipated and unanticipated changes, so your design had better be flexible.

Take it from me. I learned the hard way. But, you don’t have to! When you start your search for a software product development partner, look for one with experience, skill and a business model and processes that support product development. Find out how many products they have designed and whether those products are still vibrant and dynamic products used by happy customers. You definitely don’t want to be a guinea pig for a business trying to cut its teeth in the software development product market. You want a partner that knows their stuff.

Learn from my mistake. I did. My current partner has a dynamite team of designers, developers and domain experts. When it comes to user interface design and mobile application development, they know their stuff. They understand and work with all the leading, cutting-edge technologies, solutions and platforms and they have a local and global presence. If you want an expert in software product design, development and support, look no further!