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World’s leading aircraft manufacturer

World’s leading aircraft manufacturer

Leading stock brokerage and wealth management companies

Leading stock brokerage and wealth management companies

Parliaments – Temples of Democracy

Parliaments – Temples of Democracy

Leading retail chain in USA with online as well as brick & mortar stores

Leading retail chain in USA with online as well as brick & mortar stores

Reputed manufacturers in USA, India and Middle East

Reputed manufacturers in USA, India and Middle East

One of the largest private bank in USA, with worldwide presence

One of the largest private bank in USA, with worldwide presence

One of the largest pizza delivery chain in USA, with worldwide presence

One of the largest pizza delivery chain in USA, with worldwide presence

Upcoming online fulfilment and delivery management company in UK

Upcoming online fulfilment and delivery management company in UK

Public Authorities and large public sector organisations in UK

Public Authorities and large public sector organisations in UK

Years of trusted delivery

Years of trusted delivery

  • ISO 9001:2008 QMS & Security
  • Proven delivery models (Offshore, On-site, Hybrid Delivery)
  • Proven project management
  • Cross-platform technology expertise, including open source
Years of White-Label partnerships with Software Companies and Web Agencies

Years of White-Label partnerships with Software Companies and Web Agencies

  • Your partner in the backend . . . trust, reliability, flexibility of partnership, decades of experience working with diverse partners around the world
  • Partnership with software companies and web agencies spanning decades
  • Reason you do not see many of our customers logos and identity on this site
Years of dependable relationships with small and medium-size businesses

Years of dependable relationships with small and medium-size businesses

  • Your technology partner; not only programming but also your IT partner who can advise you on technology, make a solution road map, and deliver solutions to you; support that lasts forever
  • Can work with a complete document with detailed specifications or start with a simple request for an application development from a small-business owner

Quotes from Our Customers & Partners

  • Jim Sproat, Community People Limited, UK
    "You can tell when a strategic supplier truly understands your business and your needs: he takes your brief, your product requirements and he makes that specification much better than you imagined. Elegant Micro Web have done that for us since day one - five years ago! Without our strategic alliance with Elegant Micro Web I doubt if Community People would have become the Number 1 supplier of eDemocracy and eConsultation solutions. If your need is for service, imagination, creativity and value, use Elegant!"
    -Jim Sproat, Community People Limited, UK
  • Bill Somervail, SCS Direct Limited, UK
    "I would like to thank Elegant MicroWeb for their creation and support of our Webcount System, which has now been live and kept SCS Direct ahead of its competitors for 7 years, helping us provide instant counts to our customers in the Direct Marketing Industry. We would recommend Elegant MicroWeb for development and support to company wishing to benefit from an interactive website the way we have. "
    -Bill Somervail, SCS Direct Limited, UK
  • Jonathan Russell, Perform World, UK
    “Perform World, a provider of performance measurement and benchmarking software to major share services organisations, have utilised Elegant MicroWeb’s development services for over 7 years in order to create our innovative web based software tools. We would have no hesitation in recommending Elegant MicroWeb for similar types of business software development and have always been pleased with their professional approach and the high level of quality in the delivery of our solutions.”
    -Jonathan Russell, Perform World, UK
  • Susan Obijiski, Business Consultant and Author
    “After months of struggling with a WordPress business site and numerous emails and phone calls to my domain host company, I engaged Elegant MicroWeb in the process. They analyzed the issues and systematically worked with me to resolve every problem. The staff was responsive. When they said they would get back to me, they did – on time and with the right answers! I strongly recommend EM for its technical and functional knowledge and its dedication to customer satisfaction.”
    -Susan Obijiski, Business Consultant and Author
  • Jacquelyn Dixon, NSW, Australia
    "Being dubious about off shoring my website updates, I tested the waters with a home page overhaul for While a reasonably minor job, I was delighted with the ease and speed with which Elegant MicroWeb made the changes and improved the look. I then required a complete overhaul and some customized work for another website Once again, I have been delighted with the results, ease of communication and speed at which the work was performed. I am happy for anyone to contact me should they wish to verify my comments."
    -Jacquelyn Dixon, NSW, Australia
  • World leader in financial news & data feeds, UK
    ElegantJ Business Intelligence played a pivotal role helping my team tap into the huge amount of timekeeping data our firm had assiduously collected over several years, but which we had extracted very little value from. We realised that with ElegantJ BI we could gain an insight into our business performance and trends which we were then able to present to Management in a digestible form. As a direct result of our analysis using ElegantJ BI we were able to ensure that scarce resources were ring-fenced for critical operations whilst also freeing up resource from other areas to improve productivity and allocate costs more accurately across our operations. ElegantJ BI proved an excellent partner, listening to and taking our feedback on-board, then delivering changes and improvements to the product.
    -World leader in financial news & data feeds, UK
  • Excellent job from Elegant MicroWeb redesigning my Volusion website for Estrella's Flower Shop in Dallas, TX. They helped me with all my requested changes to the design very quickly and exceeded my expectations. Elegant MicroWeb is a very reliable company when you need a good and professional work.
    -Benigno Ubaldo, Estrella's Flower Shop, USA
  • "Thanks for the great experience i had dealing with you on this project, few outsourcing companies commit the delivery of their work to fit exactly what their customer required in the first place. i want to highlight here the proficiency and agility. I will for sure, recommend you to other customers and pick you guys for my next project. Thanks again, happy development..."
    -Ahmed Arafa, Several years of experience in software engineering and solutions architecture, Egypt
  • "Elegant MicroWeb guided us through our application from start to finish. They answered all questions, and delivered with the up most professionalism. I would recommend anyone who is in the market for this type of work to make sure to check out Elegant MicroWeb. We could not be happier with their work. Fantastic job!!!"
    -IT Consultant, USA
  • With great pleasure I would recommend Elegant MicroWeb to one and all who need an elegant web site developed. Elegant MicroWeb makes the total web development package a delightful experience. The pre-project process road map is thought out with such great detail. I admire how detail oriented they are. The Elegant MicroWeb team showed thorough professionalism, team sprit and efficiency when they were tasked to develop my son’s web site 'Karan’s'. They worked with me with patience, as I was not in the best emotional state of mind, and with a distraught mother with the recent passing away of my son. After the launch of the web-site, when I had a server issue last week, the developers swung into action and made my very frustrating experience a pleasant one. They answered my questions patiently, took proactive measures to prevent future problems and not on one occasion did they try to avoid helping me. Elegant MicroWeb is an asset to the entire web industry. I am glad I chose Elegant MicroWeb for all my web development needs.
    -Sherina Krup, Ph.D., USA
  • Working with offshore companies could be a tricky thing, but thanks to Elegant MicroWeb high standards it feels like a walk in the park. Since the very first moments of contact and until final delivery and maintenance, you are seeing your project built with the highest of standards. Actually, very few companies in Europe can match with Elegant MicroWeb’s professionalism. Working with them is a continuous reassurance that you made the right choice entrusting your project in their hands.
    -CEO, A leading architectural 3D catalog technology provider, France
  • Following a successful working relationship with Elegant MicroWeb developing a performance measurement tool, we commissioned the build of an online Benchmarking tool to complement our original product set. This web based tool incorporates a survey builder to capture information about technology and process Best Practices that currently exist or could potentially be adopted by an organisation to improve performance. We are pleased that Elegant MicroWeb produced this innovative tool to our fairly complex specifications in the expected timeframe and to a high level of quality; and we recommend Elegant MicroWeb for similar types of application developments.
    -Leading Operational Performance Measurement & Benchmarking Solutions Provider, UK
  • ElegantJ Table java bean gave us a good user experience. We are globally satisfied with its performance since by the use of ElegantJ components we are fairly able to reduce development time and cost.
    -A leading provider of test design and functional testing
  • I find your products very useful and easy to work with. I also am impressed by the level of service you have shown in the past. Many thanks.
    -A computer systems & software business organisation
  • Your engineers have done an excellent job in the development of these components. We really appreciate the support you have offered in making the best use of your product.
    -A specialist in delivery of transparent wire speed data services
  • We have found ElegantJ Charts to be extremely flexible and robust. Our developers have found ElegantJ Charts content creation tools intuitive and very powerful, even for the most challenging implementations. And the technical support is outstanding. We look forward to future developments and working together!
    -An IT solution provider for Investment Management Industry
  • We class Elegant MicroWeb as being experts in their field and their proactive approach in resolving system issues is of mutual benefit. Their work is second to none and they always provide excellent customer service.
    -Online redundancy management solution provider
  • Elegant MicroWeb has created a team of Developers and Technical Writers that have met and surpassed our needs. The working environment created in India was beyond our expectations and the work product has been delivered in a very timely manner. I would recommend them to anyone looking to create intelligent software and documentation.
    -Provider of hospitality property management solution
  • The staff at Elegant MicroWeb was very professional from the beginning and the entire experience of working with the project manager and other staff members at Elegant MicroWeb was an absolute delight. The response time is phenomenal. The project went very smoothly and they truly exceeded my expectations. The follow up responsiveness is just as good and we still receive the same support we did on day one of the project. We will definitely continue this relationship with the folks at Elegant MicroWeb and look forward to executing more exciting IT projects with them.
    -Pioneer in providing online management of clinical tests, USA
  • We have used the services of Elegant MicroWeb since 2003 for developing our leading edge performance measurement web based application primarily aimed at improving performance in shared services back office operations. We are delighted with Elegant MicroWeb's support in helping us to build this innovative application and can vouch for their excellent technical skill sets. In particular, we are pleased with their consistent, strong service orientation allowing us to offer our clients highly responsive service levels to develop and maintain the system on an ongoing operational basis. We are happy to provide reference.
    -Market leader in providing performance measurement solutions, UK
  • You can tell when a strategic supplier truly understands your business and your needs: he takes your brief, your product requirements and he makes that specification much better than you imagined. Elegant MicroWeb has done that for us since day one - five years ago! Without our strategic alliance with Elegant MicroWeb, I doubt if we would have become #1 supplier of eDemocracy and eConsultation solutions. If your need is for service, imagination, creativity and value, use Elegant!
    -Leading supplier of eDemocracy and eConsultation solutions, UK
  • It was a great experience working with project team of Elegant MicroWeb for our Volusion™ hosted online estore. We appreciate the team members for providing timely responses and good communications during pre and post phases of project development. They also provided an outstanding technical assistance to turn the requirements into easy-to-use application. We look forward to execute more IT Projects and working together.
    -Leading supplier of dental and surgical products
  • Elegant MicroWeb recently completed 2 projects for us. Their courteous staff has been highly dedicated and very professional as they worked through some unexpected obstacles during the process. A great relationship, we are looking forward to with future projects.
    -Leading manufacturer of Solar Lights and Educational Toys
  • We were looking for 100% browser based, feature rich, simple to use BI tool that has shorter learning curve and implementation cycle. We found that ElegantJ BI is the tool meeting our requirements, we are glad to have ElegantJ BI implemented in our organization with shorter implementation cycle, ease of use and faster ROI.
    -Leading Infrastructure Development Company, Saudi Arabia
  • The Elegant MicroWeb redesign of our site has really helped our sales. Immediately after implementing the custom template they designed for our Volusion™ storefront we noticed an increase in our online sales. We cannot thank them enough for their prompt, professional and courteous service! Hands down, Elegant MicroWeb provides a great service at an unbeatable value.
    -Leading supplier of Boat Maintenance Equipments & Accessories
  • We contacted the project team of Elegant MicroWeb regarding the development of a web portal on Volusion™ framework. The project team members provided quick and timely responses with effective communications during development phase. They have also provided effective assistance on technical issues of web portal arising after the completion of website development. We appreciate their help and support and look forward to work together in near future.
    -Leading provider of Digital Equipments & Photographical Services
  • ElegantJ BI is very powerful and intuitive tool, we are happy to offer & implement ElegantJ BI to our clients. Their partnership program is a win-win proposition for us, and they provide excellent presales and technical support. It is great value for us as partners, and great value for our customers for their BI investments.
    -ElegantJ BI OEM Partner, Saudi Arabia
  • Working with Elegant MicroWeb has been an absolute pleasure from our first tiny project a couple of years ago to coding a recent re-design of our website. The communication with Elegant is exceptional. I have complete confidence in their expertise and jobs have been always completed on time, if not earlier. I highly recommend Elegant MicroWeb for a professional web development team. After much deliberation, we selected Elegant MicroWeb to begin our journey into site SEO. We are in a highly competitive field and we experienced consistently increasing web sales month by month - needless to say we are delighted with the services offered over the complete process from selecting keywords to monthly SEO services. Elegant MicroWeb are highly professional, always contactable and always happy to answer any question in a timely way. I recommend this company for SEO services.
    -Luci Scarman, ECO Minerals Makeup, Australia
  • Elegant MicroWeb has provided me with a total web make over and it looks amazing. I had all of my questions and concerns answered and addressed promptly and the price was extremely reasonable compared to other companies. I will recommend them to others as well as utilize their services in the future for my business.
    -Kisha Harris,, NJ-USA
  • Elegant MicroWeb did a wonderful job helping me with a few issues on my website. My platform has a pretty complicated system and it was great to work with a company who already knew the system and could quickly fix the problems. I look forward to working with Elegant MicroWeb in the future.
    -Brook Doyle, Angry Beaver Apparel, USA
  • Elegant MicroWeb has proven to be an invaluable resource for our growing small business! We initially worked with Elegant MicroWeb on a basic redesign of our volusion store, and eventually engaged them in more advanced projects to help design a functional drop down menu and navigation, sub page design and other services. We recently engaged Elegant MicroWeb on an entirely new task for a website we are set to launch this Winter, and continue to look forward to working with them. My company recommends Elegant MicroWeb.
    -Derek Haskins, ELITE Golf & Promotional Group, USA
  • Elegant MicroWeb redesigned my Volusion store and for over two years, has provided continual support when required. Their team has been amazing, professional and very knowledgeable. I was initially dubious outsourcing to a company in India and making overseas payments, but I must say they have continually exceeded my expectations and the value they provide. Elegant MicroWeb is my go to web and app developer now.
    -Hani Arab,, NSW-Australia
  • From the very first day we contacted Elegant MicroWeb to design our new Volusion based sales website, we found marketing and the entire EM team helpful, friendly and courteous. They understood our need for a quick turnaround and presented us with an elegant website that met our brief and in the style that we were looking for. EM’s marketing team was particularly patient and helpful and managed the whole process excellently. We can highly recommend Elegant MicroWeb and will be utilising their services on other projects.

    -Andrew Harewood, Skin Culture Institute Inc, UK
  • The team at Elegant MicroWeb is quickly becoming my go-to team for web design. The team worked with me to redesign my Volusion website and provided it with a more modern look and feel. They clearly have a desire to ensure the client's needs are being met throughout the design and implementation process. Engaging them for subsequent changes has been hassle-free. The responsiveness and fast turnaround has saved me a tremendous amount of time. They are in the process of working with me to design another site on WordPress and I am pleased to say the communication and level of service is consistent with my previous experience.

    -Rhonda Williams, Spoiled Naturally, USA
  • "Elegant MicroWeb exceeded my expectations. They were very professional to deal with and the project was delivered on time. I will definitely continue my relationship with them and will recommend their services to other organisations. I big thank you to Ajay for his professional manner as well."
    -Con Georgaroudis, My Hair Domain, Australia
  • "I had my website edited by Elegant Microweb and found them to be professional, competitive and competent. The requested changes were done quickly and exactly as I requested. They communicated well throughout the process. I would recommend them to anyone needing work on their website as I did."
    -Lynne Holian, Scurby Kids Books, Australia
  • Micla Leuenberger, Switzerland
    "Great experience. I would definitely recommend Shopify Experts. Patient, kind and really helpful."
    -Micla Leuenberger, Switzerland
  • Anikka Burton, Not Another Bunch Of Flowers, UK
    Elegant MicroWeb have already successfully done one project for us and are about to start a much larger project. Highly recommended.
    -Anikka Burton, Not Another Bunch Of Flowers, UK
  • Bina Patel, Sai Skin Care, USA
    Mr. Hitesh is great and easy to work with and he goes out of his way to help and he is excellent for what he is doing I will recommend him to anyone. if I have to give him number 1 to 10 for his work and 10 being highest I would give him 15 if I can.
    -Bina Patel, Sai Skin Care, USA
  • Dicky Broadhurst, Morse Toad, UK
    "I have been working with Elegant Microweb for over 6 months and have found them great to work with. The process is methodical (using basecamp) which allows me to continue with my day-to-day and leave EMT to get on with jobs. Any queries they have the send and I can answer them as and when I can. Happy to provide personal recommendations to anyone who needs it."
    -Dicky Broadhurst, Morse Toad, UK


Electronics and Computer Software Export Promotion Council (ESC)

Electronics and Computer Software Export Promotion Council (ESC)

Gujarat Electronics & Software Industries Association

Gujarat Electronics & Software Industries Association (GESIA)

The National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM)

The National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM)


December 2016

ElegantJ BI Business Intelligence Included in Gartner Nov., 2016 Report, ‘Other Vendors to Consider for Modern BI and Analytics’

November 2016

ElegantJ BI Announces Real Time Cube Capability for Swift Decision-making

October 2016

Elegant MicroWeb Surpasses 200 Content Management System (CMS) and Portal Projects

September 2016

Gartner Report, Competitive Landscape: BI Platforms and Analytics Software, Asia/Pacific Lists ElegantJ BI as Niche BI and Analytics Vendor

July 2016

ElegantJ BI Enhances Self-serve BI Tools in Version 4.3 of its Business Intelligence Solution

June 2016

Elegant MicroWeb Joins BigCommerce Partner Program

May 2016

ElegantJ BI is Silver Sponsor at Gartner Business Intelligence, Analytics & Information Management Summit in Mumbai, India on June 7-8

April 2016

Elegant MicroWeb Completes Cloud-Migration to Microsoft Azure Cloud Services for Organized Feedback IdeaLab Product

March 2016

ElegantJ BI Version 4.2: Business Intelligence With Real-Time Data Access

February 2016

ElegantJ BI in Gartner Market Guide and Magic Quadrant for BI – 2016

January 2016

Elegant MicroWeb announces Salesforce Cloud Platform Development and Support Services

December 2015

ElegantJ BI Announces ‘Design Once, Use Anywhere’ Responsive Dashboards

November 2015

Elegant MicroWeb Offers World-Class Value-Added Partnerships for Web and Digital Agencies

October 2015

CeBIT India, October, 2015: ElegantJ BI Reveals the Future of BI Tools

July 2015

ElegantJ BI Joins With Tally Solutions to Offer Tally Customers Integrated BI Tools

July 2015

Elegant MicroWeb Announces User Interface (UI) Design Services for Software Applications and Portals

June 2015

ElegantJ BI announces the launch of its MDX connector, for integration with third party MDX XML/A providers like Microsoft® SQL Server Analysis services (MS SSAS), SAP® BW, Palo, and Pentaho

April 2015

IdeaLab, an Exceptional Product, Resulting From a Distinguished, Elegant MicroWeb Partnership

March 2015

ElegantJ BI Releases Integration API for Embedded Business Intelligence Analytics Within Applications

February 2015

Elegant MicroWeb Announces All-Inclusive Software Re-Engineering Services

January 2015

ElegantJ BI Version 4.0 With Responsive User Interface Launched

January 2015

Elegant MicroWeb Commemorates Two-Year Partnership Providing Third-Party Software Testing Services to Popular Social Dieting Game Portal

December 2014

ElegantJ BI Included in CIO Review 2014, 20 Most Promising Business Intelligence Companies in India

October 2014

ElegantJ BI Launches Business Intelligence and Reporting for Tally Customers

September 2014

Elegant MicroWeb Celebrates 16 Years of Scottish Partnership on historic Scottish Independence Referendum

March 2014

One of the fast growing software products company in USA, serving QSR segment starts product development, maintenance, support and QA services engagement

January 2014

A large global diversified corporation based out of India chooses ElegantJ BI as their primary Business Intelligence Solution

June 2013

ElegantJ BI 3.5 released, introducing groundbreaking technology called Managed Memory Computing that is set to revolutionize the BI space

September 2012

Leading Software System Integrator and product company serving large customers in USA joins hand for product development, maintenance and support services

August 2012

ElegantJ BI 3.0 released with multidimensional KPI

January 2012

Popular social gaming portal based in USA, that promotes “Social Dieting” partners for QA services

December 2011

Online fulfilment and delivery management company in UK joins hands for application development, maintenance and support services

June 2011

ElegantJ BI version 2.1 launched

August 2010

Started business with highly reputable digital agencies and system integrators in the USA

May 2010

Customers in the Middle East and Egypt start using ElegantJ BI

April 2009

A large Japanese retail chain starts using ElegantJ BI for their day-to-day business analysis

March 2009

First release of ElegantJ BI – Business Intelligence Suite with Balanced Scorecard

December 2008

First beta of ElegantJ BI – Business Intelligence Suite released

April 2007

Consolidation and product remapping to meet the needs of our global customers

September 2006

New partners in Western Europe join the Elegant family

December 2005

Businesses in UAE and Saudi Arabia became partners with Elegant

March 2005

Initiated the process of reaching customers in the Middle East and building partnerships

December 2004

Started offering services to small and medium-size customers for various business applications, content management systems, and eCommerce

January 2003

Expansion of services into the European market

October 2002

ElegantJ PDF library introduced

March 2002

A continuing partnership started with a UK-based partner providing e-democracy and public consultation solutions

November 2001

ElegantJ Beans expanded to include more beans for reporting and charting. Over the years, organizations such as IBM, HP, Honeywell, Cisco, and World Bank became our customers for this offering

January 2001

A long and flourishing partnership initiated with a Japanese partner to develop off-the-shelf business applications as well as large enterprise solutions for customers in Japan

August 2000

Developed a product knowledge management system and an ERP

January 2000

ElegantJ Java Beans made available to be purchased on the Internet

January 1999

ElegantJ Java Beans launched for networking, database connectivity, printing, data entry, and graphs

August 1998

Product development with interface to RTOS for a leading USA-based Internet gateway company that continued beyond this first product development

November 1997

J RAD – A rapid Java Development tool and Framework development started

February 1997

First project from a customer in the USA

September 1996


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Our Awesome Team

Kartik Patel, Founder & CEO - Elegant MicroWeb

Kartik Patel, Engineer, Manager, Entrepreneur, Founder, CEO

For the past 18 years, he has been leading a team of technocrats building unique software products, providing services, and building partnerships around the world.

Chintan Parikh, An engineer and a software architect, a founder team member, and head of technology at Elegant MicroWeb

Chintan Parikh, Engineer and Architect

An engineer and a software architect, a founder team member, and head of technology, he is the mind that puts the soul into the widest landscape of technology and delivers solutions.

Sahil Patel, A software engineer who manages a team of software developers, designers, and engineers to create solutions and maintain quality software delivery management at Elegant MicroWeb

Sahil Patel, Engineer, Team builder & Delivery Manager

A software engineer who manages a team of software developers, designers, and engineers to create solutions and maintain quality software delivery management, which ensures that we have a permanent bond with our clients and partners.

Rushabh Shelat, A management graduate and functional consultant who is BI Practice Manager at Elegant MicroWeb

Rushabh Shelat, Management Consultant, Presales & Functional Consultant

A management graduate and functional consultant who is BI Practice Manager at Elegant MicroWeb, with more than 25 years of experience in enterprise software product development, implementation and management consulting along with business development and sales. He leads a team of professionals in sales, presales, implementation, delivery, and support of ElegantJ BI – Business Intelligence.

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