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Our offshore delivery model provides affordable, skilled resources and timely global support

offshore-development-content1Whether you compete in an online, brick and mortar, local, regional or international market, whether your business is large or small, whether you require IT project support or ongoing support for applications, software products, infrastructure, or other technology needs, it is likely you will need additional technology resources sometime in the near future. Up-to-date, dependable technology is no longer an option, it is a mandate! You want your business to be competitive and you want your management team and your employees to have the tools they need to do the job now and in the future and to help your company succeed. But, with the rapid changes in the technology landscape, it is hard to keep pace with the market and with your competitors. You need dedicated resources to quickly and efficiently complete projects and you need IT resources with specific experience and skills to support and maintain your applications, software products, infrastructure and mobile IT needs. Yet, the cost of full-time IT staff is a burden your business will bear during peak and off-peak schedules and seasons. Why not consider offshore outsourcing and the benefits offered by an experienced, skilled team of offshore development and offshore outsourcing services professionals? These services are affordable and practical for small and large businesses alike and they provide numerous benefits and options.

  • Cost-effective, affordable skills without investment in full-time resources
  • Proven delivery models, processes and methodologies ensure positive, timely outcomes
  • Assurance of 24/7 support across time zones, no matter when support is required
  • Resources and support that can increase or decrease in size to meet your needs
  • Flexible communication models e.g., chat, email, calls, etc.
  • Short-term and long-term, project or program support as needed
  • Cutting-edge, world-class skills and experience at your fingertips without hiring in-house staff
  • Experienced skilled professionals who can add value and work side-by-side with your team
  • Freedom to focus on core skills and products and services
  • Client decides whether to manage projects in-house or employ IT consultant project management services
  • Affordable services by an experienced team with technical and leadership skills
  • Flexible offshore, on-site and hybrid delivery models to satisfy client requirements
  • Engagement models designed for unique client needs
  • Resource selection to satisfy client request and specifications

Elegant MicroWeb Offshore Outsourcing and Offshore Development Services Summary

  • dedicated offshore development team or consultant (s)
  • infrastructure management services
  • application development, maintenance and support
  • Custom support to meet requirements (8X5, 12×5, 24×5, 24×7)
  • product development, maintenance and support
  • short term and long term projects and ongoing support

Our Offshore Outsourcing and Offshore Development Expertise and Experience

Elegant MicroWeb is an offshore outsourcing company and software and product development company in Ahmedabad, India in the state of Gujarat. Gujarat is known for its quality infrastructure and business friendly government business policies and provides a dependable utility infrastructure and a rich source of IT skills. Gujarat has a significant share of stock market capitalisation, and of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in India. This cost-effective, geographic location allows us to pass on the savings to our clients and partners. For over ten years we have served clients and partners around the world with offshore outsourcing arrangements and software products and services. We have more than a decade of experience as an offshore outsourcing company. Our offshore outsourcing services and offshore development services are affordable and practical and our processes and methodologies provide timely project completion, and long-term support to meet every requirement. Our offshore development services are designed to easily integrate with the client organisation and staff. We strive to build and sustain a team environment that satisfies the unique requirements of each client and each project. Our team functions as a true extension of the client business and technology staff.

We serve clients in many industries, and in many countries, including the U.K., Australia, the U.S., Japan, the Middle East and Far East, Europe and India. Our customer satisfaction ranking is excellent and we have served some clients for over ten years. Our clients include small, medium and large enterprises. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified, software products and services company. We approach every project and every client with a fresh perspective and dedicated attention, balancing and combining software products and services delivery. We offer white label partnerships for IT providers and agencies with non-disclosure protection, seamless support, and targeted skills and knowledge to enrich their product and service offerings.

Explore our innovative and cutting edge offshore outsourcing services and find out how easy it is to get the job done.

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