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How Can My Business Best Utilize Microsoft .Net?
.Net with All the Right Services: Just the Right Combination! Your in-house IT staff is probably quite familiar with Microsoft and with its .Net product. The Microsoft.Net application development framework supports Rapid Application Development (RAD), platform independence and network transparency.
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Dot Net Development Services for Workflow Approval Application

This client required a dynamic workflow approval application to automate processes and approvals across various departments in a single application. Elegant MicroWeb provided .Net Application Development services to produce an application with features that included process management, dynamic workflow, approval, notifications, emails, reports, user access rights, permissions, AD integration, and .Net integration connections to an existing Oracle DB to manage various master entities. Details >

.NET Development Services for U.S. Wi-Fi Appliance Event Organizer Auto Scheduling App

.NET Development Services for U.S. Wi-Fi Appliance Event Organizer Auto Scheduling App
The client is a Wi-Fi appliances testing organizer. The business invites, participants from around the world to test participant Wi-Fi based device compatibility with other companies and devices. The client tests these participant devices over a number of days, using various testing tools and parameters. Changes are made as the testing progresses and the results are captured and analyzed by experts and generate reports which help participants to improvise their devices which can easily be compatible with other devices. Elegant MicroWeb provided Dot Net development services and designed the solution with attributes and rules to allow for scheduling, optimized resources, automatic notification of test plans, times, locations, devices and results, and report generation. This scheduling solution helped the client efficiently manage the testing cycles and programs and communicate effectively with participants. Details >