Dot Net Development of MVC Web-Based Tool for U.S. Client

Dot Net Development of MVC Web-Based Tool for U.S. Client
Elegant MicroWeb worked with this U.S. insurance company, to develop detailed requirements, and design, develop, configure, test, implement and support this tool. Expert .Net application development services included a web-based digital spin Wheel tool to provide interactive features motivate agents. The Spin Wheel tool is completely customized, with a spin button, unique prizes for winners, a congratulations page with fulfilment instruction and email notification and a Thank You page for Loss lands. From the Admin interface, administrators can configure Prizes, inventory, and email templates and send bulk invitations to agents.Details >

Microsoft and Garbage Collection

Memory Modules.
The .NET developer doesn’t usually have to understand how the Microsoft “Garbage Collector” (GC) works to build an app, but occasionally a situation arises where understanding garbage collection in the context of app development is beneficial. Garbage collection in Microsoft’s .NET development framework is an automatic process that frees up memory that an application no longer needs.
###Details >