Scale Your Team with the Expertise of a Trustworthy Partner

Any business that needs assistance with its development endeavors and technological needs requires a partner capable of catering to all its requirements within budget and on time. In this search, however, there is a chance of deciding upon the wrong service provider, which can lead to the following issues:

Engaging and onboarding developer resources from a top service provider with a proven track record, on the other hand, can result in a number of advantages for your project and business as a whole. It saves a significant amount of money that would otherwise be spent on hiring and maintaining an internal team, guarantees access to seasoned development skills, and expedites the completion of projects without loss of quality.

With Elegant MicroWeb as a partner, the business can enjoy a similar worry-free, personalized, dedicated team environment. We will source, hire, build, and manage a team to ensure reliability and provide a cost advantage, with a professional, dependable escalation matrix and regular reporting processes.

This personalized approach is not simply a staffing, recruitment, or shared workspace approach. By combining more than twenty years of experience in software development and project management, Elegant MicroWeb provides a unique understanding of the software lifecycle, training, and skill requirements and a deep and broad network from which it can draw to select and combine the right skills, experience, and talent.

Business Use Case

The Challenge: A U.S.-based business wished to augment its IT team by hiring programmers and creating a scrum team that would satisfy its extensive technical needs. Rather than interviewing, hiring, and paying benefits for an internal IT team and adapting to changing needs, the business wanted to employ an experienced offshore service provider to build its own offshore team and meet its unique requirements.

The Solution: The Elegant MicroWeb approach includes a comprehensive review of the technical and leadership requirements, support for infrastructure and understanding of specific technologies, and project management. All components of this service are supported by appropriate communication, an escalation matrix, compliance with laws, copyright assignment, and management processes.

Elegant MicroWeb sources offshore team members in India, completes background checks, provides the infrastructure for the team to work, and selects appropriate team members to ensure that all team members have the cutting-edge skills to fulfill each role. The client manages the day-to-day team tasks and work allocation.

The initial one-year contract was extended to a three-year contract. Elegant MicroWeb managed the changing resource needs to ensure that this dedicated team met current and future requirements, and facilitated training and HR management needs to ensure that the team skills were current and that the team was functioning at optimal efficiency.

Our Unique Approach

This personalized, dedicated team approach is unique and stands out from other IT consulting services and project support with specific, differentiated services and components.

A Look at the Advantages of This Reliable Model

If your business is struggling to keep up with technology evolution and the software application development and enterprise software solutions needs of your organization, it may be time to consider employing the experience and skills of offshore software resources. 

Choose Elegant MicroWeb as your partner, and get in touch with us today to find out more about the procedure or to discuss your unique needs. Let us help you achieve your business objectives with excellence.

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