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Re-Imagine Business Intelligence with the ElegantJ BI self-serve, mobile business intelligence solution. Discover the incredible potential of the ElegantJ BI Smarten approach to business intelligence with Advanced Data Discovery, Plug n' Plug Predictive Analysis and Self-Serve Data Preparation.

We conceived, designed and developed ElegantJ BI, a comprehensive Business Intelligence Suite, featuring unique Managed Memory Computing technology. This product was based on the concept of INDEPENDENCE and it represents an innovative approach to self-serve Business Intelligence. Business users can access the solution on any device and work with integrated data from multiple data sources. ElegantJ BI business intelligence tools are designed to help every organization transform business users into Citizen Data Scientists with Plug n' Play Predictive Analysis, Self Serve Data Preparation and more!

ElegantJ BI
Smarten Advanced Data Discovery

The Smarten Approach to Business Intelligence

Self-Serve Data Preparation

ElegantJ BI Advanced Data Discovery allows business users to perform Advanced Data Discovery and auto-suggests relationships, reveals the impact and importance of key factors, recommends data type casts, data quality improvements and more!