Case Study: Business Software Company, Elegant MicroWeb Builds Digital Library Portal for Gujarat Tourism, India

The Gujarat Tourism organization promotes tourism within the state and provides support for visitors and residents with comprehensive travel assistance and services including accommodation, conducted tours and ground transport and a wide range of choice to meet the diverse needs of visitors and to promote the many historic sites and sites of interest in Gujarat. As part of this charter, The Tourism Corporation of Gujarat generates extensive digital content in the form of videos, photos and images, brochures, documentaries, advertisements and other data. In the past, the users of the tourism department had to engage in a complicated manual process to review each data repository one-by-one and select content because there was no one tool to easily search integrated data or allow users to share content with other stakeholders.

The Elegant MicroWeb team built and implemented a centralized digital library portal to categorize and search content and share the digital content with internal and external stakeholders. Content includes images, videos, sound files and documents, so users can now download information and digital content files and convert any content from one format to another, and invite others to access and download the content from the portal. This project was completed on time and on budget.

Case Study: Liferay Portal Solution for B2B, Wireless Market Research, Intelligence Co in Germany

A business-to-business, wireless market research and intelligence business in Germany selected Elegant MicroWeb to create a community portal so users could find relevant information and businesses could promote markets, products, research, events, conferences, webinars and webcasts. The business wanted to create groups for information providers, professionals, analysts, and the press and media, as well as organizations and industry associations.

Elegant MicroWeb studied the business requirements, and performed feature mapping to evaluate the requirements against the available portal frameworks. The Liferay portal framework was selected and used to define templates and easy-to-navigate layouts. The solution provided appropriate scalability, architecture and security. The Elegant MicroWeb team designed and developed portlets for Category Management, Event and Webinar Management, News Management, Order Processing Management, Messaging Management, User Management and Report Management. The solution also included content submission wizards and premium subscription plans to allow for report, event, whitepaper, presentation and blog uploads.

Case Study: US Online Media Agency Gets Liferay Multi-Vendor, Personalized, Online Shopping Tool

This US online media agency selected Elegant MicroWeb to design and develop a portal for online shopping in an environment that offered products from multiple vendors. The objective was to offer customers a highly secured, easy-to-use online shopping cart and eCommerce solution. The solution would allow vendors to create an online store that would satisfy a variety of product categories and types.

Elegant MicroWeb analyzed business requirements and recommended Liferay Portal framework to satisfy business needs. The team developed administrative portlets for category management, product management, configuration management, order management and access rights to satisfy the needs of the business and the vendors who would create online shopping sites. The portal allows for personalization, product catalogs, product specifications, pricing, FAQs, product reviews and other relevant information and would be structured to allow secured access for different types of administration and user update. End users can leverage product catalogs, select items and leverage payment gateways to browse and purchase products.