Suketu Shah, Director, SOHAM ERP Solutions Private Limited

Since Elegant MicroWeb has joined the project, the client swiftly achieves all third-party requirements, especially analytical and artificial intelligence-related work. Moreover, the Elegant team addresses all kinds of concerns.

Data Scientist, Fintech Company

The client has been pleased with Elegant MicroWeb’s services — in fact, they commend the vendor’s ability to deliver quality work on time while responding to queries and requests along the way. The partners communicate mainly through virtual meetings.

Urvish Raval, ERP Dev Manager, Hitech Projects Pvt Ltd

Thanks to the tool provided by Elegant MicroWeb, the client now has access to real-time cross-tab reports. Additionally, the data-driven decision-making feature has been helpful in a new policy they are implementing. The client commends the team’s quick responses — even on non-working days.

Hitesh Nagar, Assistant ERP Manager, Italia Group

The client was happy with Elegant MicroWeb’s services. They delivered items on time and responded well to the client’s needs. No areas for improvement were cited. Overall, the engagement was successful. 

Manager, BLR Logistiks

Thanks to Elegant MicroWeb, The data analysis process have become easier, and seniors and management have become more autonomous. The client is very satisfied with the deliverables and impressed with the partnership. The service provider’s team is supportive and skilled.

Pramod Shukla, Sr. Manager, Claptek Private Ltd

Thanks to Elegant MicroWeb’s analytic approach, the client had achieved their business needs. The client was also impressed with their consulting process in delivering exceptional results.

Chaitanya Bhatt, AGM IT, Symphony Limited

The client was impressed by Elegant MicroWeb’s output. Their communication and workflow style was described as very cooperative. Although they could have allocated more resources to the customer, the client was happy with the outcome of the engagement.

Amit Shah, Sr. DGM, Construction Contractor Company

Thanks to Elegant MicroWeb’s efforts, the client had a user-friendly and effective analytic tool. The team’s customer support and solutions were highly appreciated by the client. Overall, they were effective and reliable during the process.

Vivek Gandharva, System Administrator, Business Solutions Company

Thanks to Elegant MicroWeb’s engagement, they have successfully improved the client’s analytical functions and dashboards. As a result, the client is able to identify the needs to increase their sales. The team has communicated well to provide quick responses and accommodate inquiries.

Dhrupal Shah, AGM IT, Corona Remedies Pvt. Ltd

Within six months of the software’s acquisition, the client has successfully produced over 50 reports. The company has leveraged the tool to streamline its processes and have reaped significant returns from it. Elegant MicroWeb’s team was cooperative and effective in their workflow.