BI Tools with Cross-Tab Analytics Allow a Clear View of Results!

When you consider data democratization and rolling out a BI tool or analytical solution to your team members across the enterprise, you have to think about how to ensure that team members can easily adopt analytics and use them in their day-to-day tasks with a clear understanding of the results.

Static dashboards and restrictive analytics reporting can confuse a user and undermine the goals of a data democratization and business user analytics initiative. A solution that provides flexible reporting and ad-hoc queries will help your team members gather, analyze and understand data and results. Look for a solution that provides cross-tab analytics for a deep dive analytics experience that will help your users leverage data and gain confidence in the use of an analytics solution.

Cross-tab analytics offers a 360 degree view of your multi-dimensional data with ad-hoc queries and BI Reporting so you can take full advantage of Business Intelligence with a clear view of corporate performance and ability to slice and dice data, drill down, drill up and drill through to find the most relevant Information.

It also provides easy-to-use complex data operations, summary operations, time series functions, filters and custom column expressions engine to help users make prompt, effective business decisions. The right BI Tool provides cross tab analysis with pivot table and OLAP analysis with access available to users via a browser-based environment so users have access to tools from inside the office and on the road or at home.

Discover the ease and simplicity of cross-tab, deep dive analytics and get the right BI Tool.

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