If your business is planning to develop a cross-platform or hybrid mobile application, your development team will choose an appropriate development environment for your project. The team does have options but developers will often opt for Flutter as the toolset of choice.

In this article, we provide three of the many reasons developers love Flutter for the mobile application development environment.

3 Reasons Developers Love Flutter Mobile App Development

Open Source and Popular!

Flutter is a Google open-source mobile user interface (UI) SDK framework. Today, there are many developers who work with and love Flutter so it is easy to find community and developer support for specific questions and issues. The Flutter environment is used to build cross-platform, hybrid mobile application solutions for Android and iOS and designed specifically with features that enable a multi-platform development process and make it easy for developers to execute tasks quickly and efficiently.

Rapid Development and Swift Completion!

Flutter leverages a single code base and the Google 2D rendering engine to develop impressive visuals and to perform unit and functionality tests, and create a user interface. It is designed as a rapid development environment, for fast rendering and theme options. Flutter provides a rich development environment that is used by a large community of mobile application developers and is suitable for all types of hybrid mobile application development and cross-platform mobile application development projects.

Stability and Dependability

The Flutter product is not new. It was launched in 2017 and is considered a stable, dependable environment for hybrid mobile application development. For businesses that want to make the right choice for current and future needs, Flutter offers the market and developer community stability. It is likely that the development tools and the developer community will be accessible and stable for future needs. Its open-source environment is accessible to all developers and it leverages the familiar C, C++ and Dart languages and will support development for desktops, web and mobile application development. There are numerous developer support forums available for developer feedback and information about the use of Flutter in mobile application development, including GitHub and Slack.

Flutter tools are used by a large percentage of mobile application developers and because of this popularity, your business IT team or expert IT consultant will likely consider Flutter for your cross-platform mobile application development project.

Whether you decide on a web approach to mobile application development, a Cross-Platform Mobile Application, hybrid mobile app approach or a native app approach for iPhone, iPad, Smart Watch or Android, you need to engage an IT consulting partner to help you conceive and develop your mobile application. For more information about mobile application development, visit our Blog.

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