Mobile BI Tools Must Include Advanced Analytics

Mobile, Advanced Analytics: The True Way Forward!

When you decide to implement mobile business intelligence, it is usually because you want seamless access to crucial tools so that your team can perform important tasks in the office and on the road, and share data that will help them make important decisions. Mobile business intelligence must be easy to access and easy to use. A vendor should not dictate the device, the screen size or the setting in which you access your business intelligence data. The solution must be responsive and adaptive and the UI must be intuitive and interactive, no matter what device your users choose to use to access that solution.



In addition to providing seamless mobile performance, today’s business intelligence solutions should also enable advanced analytics, and predictive analytics.

These BI tools must support business users and the organization with personalized dashboards and reporting, elegant graphs and charts, and key performance indicators (KPIs) that display seamlessly on every type and size of device. Additionally, the solution must provide advanced analytics that are sophisticated enough to allow business users to see and use data with clear insight, yet simple enough to allow the average business user to take advantage of the BI tools.

Look for business intelligence that is truly mobile, and features responsive, adaptive UI performance to accommodate use in a desktop, tablet or smart phone environment, and provides augmented data discovery, self-serve data preparation, and predictive analytics for business users. In other words, make it mobile and make it meaningful!

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