Business Intelligence for Retail Makes Business Sing!

BI for Retail! No, Really! It is designed for Retail!

Business Intelligence for Retail is just what your organization needs to succeed! If you can get at the information, integrate the data coming in from all sources, and clarify and analyze, you can beat the competition! And we all know how competitive retail is these days! Whether you are running an online retail outlet or a brick and mortar store or chain, you need to analyze all kinds of data from resource planning, seasonality, products, sizes, colors, pricing and advertising to warehousing, shipping, social media and online shopping carts and eCommerce results, there is a lot to understand and monitor in retail!



business intelligence solution that is designed out-of-the-box can help you hit the ground running. BI for Retail should be designed with domain knowledge and flexible dashboards for retail that will allow executives, managers and business users to have access to the most complete information and the ability to analyze results and drill down into critical issues and quickly analyze, present and report results to support decisions and adapt to the changing market.

The retail market is fickle, and market trends change rapidly. In this ever-changing environment, the retailer must have complete insight into how actual results compare to plan numbers, revenue by store, location, region, product line and other factors. The retail enterprise must carefully manage operational costs to be sure these costs are optimized. Hours of operation, resource allocation, hiring, training, facilities management and other factors that impact revenue and the bottom line.

If you want to give your business users and managers an easy-to-use, sophisticated reporting tool for retail with analytics for retail and out-of-the-box implementation and swift user adoption, contact us to find out more!