What Are the Advantages of Using the Laravel Framework?

There are many reasons to choose Laravel and its PHP underpinning for your software application, and web development needs. In this article, we provide a list of some of the benefits of choosing the Laravel framework and development environment for your business, your development team and your end-users.

‘Find out whether Laravel Application Design and Development and the PHP development approach is the right choice for your team.’

Laravel is available as an open-source product. Its ecosystem includes nearly twenty-five (25) tools and options to simplify development.

Achieve Competitive Advantage with Laravel Development

The Laravel development environment provides numerous benefits:

  • Time to Market
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Security and Privacy
  • Simplified Coding and Development
  • Intuitive End-User Navigation and Support

Let’s look at these benefits and advantages in more detail:

Business Benefits

Time-to-Market, Project Savings – Because Laravel has designed its tools and development solutions to be easy-to-use and loaded numerous features and functions into pre-programmed bundles, the business can save time on custom coding, thereby cutting costs by approximately 35%.

Multi-Language Support – You can design and develop your product or solution in multiple languages. So, if yours is a global business, you can satisfy clients, customers and stakeholders around the world with a web application to suit your needs.

Security and Privacy – No matter your market or business focus, site security is paramount to protecting to your business and mitigating risk, both for your own confidential information and for the information you gather and protect on behalf of your customers, partners, stakeholders, suppliers and employees. Laravel security tools and techniques ensure that your business will not risk its reputation, its brand or financial ruin.

Upgrades and Bug Fixes  – The Laravel approach to solution development includes many built-in tools and bundles with robust documentation and simple code maintenance for bug fixes and upgrades. As your solution grows and changes, your business can easily upgrade features and leverage bundles, programs and packages to complete upgrades and bug fixes quickly and easily and get to market with these new features to generate more revenue.

Flexibility and Scalability – As you move data from legacy and existing systems to the new Laravel system, you can migrate data easily and quickly, making project completion easier, faster and less expensive, and Laravel can support your business as it grows with scalable architecture to add more locations, more users and more data volume.

Developer Benefits

Laravel has bundled and programmed numerous functions and tools so that developers can save time and effort.

One of the reasons Laravel is popular among developers is its multi-layered security features which guard against request forgery, cross-site scripting and other issues as well as its multiple file systems and packaging capabilities.

Because Laravel leverages PHP, developers will find it easy to get up to speed on this framework and, when compared to JavaScript, PHP is easy to learn and use. Laravel blends the framework with PHP commands to make quick work of development. A little more than 25% of Laravel developers report five or fewer years of professional development experience, while 30% have five to ten years of experience.

Developers report that the Laravel approach of separating the backend code from the frontend code is a benefit and supports simple bug fixes and upgrades.

Here are a few other reasons developers like Laravel:

  • Messaging and Mail Integration – Laravel has a mail API service that supports text and email via cloud and local servers.
  • User Authentication and Access Authorization  – The Laravel authentication process is fast and easy to use.
  • URL Routing – Laravel developers can create and publish a package simply by adding two lines of code and plugging the package in, thereby saving time, resources and effort.
  • Security and Privacy – Laravel provides a built-in system to defend against cross-site request forgery and scripting and against SQL injection.
  • Automated Testing – Laravel includes out-of-the-box testing capability with PHP unit testing from within the application. Developers can test by function or test an entire site.
  • In-App Smart Scheduling – The Laravel command scheduler allows the team to schedule command forms with one server entry.

End-User Benefits

  • Site visitors and end-users will enjoy the benefits of Laravel, starting with the fact that a customer can easily communicate with the business no matter what messaging platform the business is using.
  • Laravel offers robust support for user messaging to receive emails, acknowledge orders, provide receipts, provide tracking information and remind users of subscriptions and renewals.
  • Laravel provides seamless messaging and it provides design templates that are designed to be responsive on desktops, tablets and smart phones, so customers will enjoy a high-performance experience, no matter what device they are using.
  • If your site requires users to complete a form, you can ensure a positive customer experience by providing Laravel capabilities to handle exceptions. When a user enters the wrong information in a form field, the system is designed to handle the error so the user is not frustrated and the transaction can continue.
  • Laravel provides many options for templates so the business can offer the site visitor the right branding, navigation and flow to complete a task, find information and quickly move on. These templates are well-tested and proven, so your users do not have to worry about errors, misdirection or poor navigation.

‘Laravel is available as an open-source product. Its ecosystem includes nearly twenty-five (25) tools and options to simplify development.’

This article provides a list of some of the benefits and advantages of the Laravel development environment. If you are interested in finding out how Laravel can help your business, you can get more information here: Find out whether Laravel Application Design and Development and the PHP Development Approach is the right choice for your team. Hire Laravel Programmers, and Build Your Software Team with dedicated resources. Explore the benefits and components of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) approach to product design with these complementary articles: ‘What is a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)? and Why Should My Business Care?.’ Discover the benefits and components of mobile application development, and the Flutter development environment, with these complementary articles: ‘Mobile App Development is Important to Business, So Are Mobile App Programmers,’ ‘What are the Pros and Cons of Flutter Programming?.’