Integrate and Report on Crucial Data with Business Intelligence for Tally!

BI for Tally Offers Data Analysis for Business with Easy Integrated Dashboards!

If your business is struggling to adopt and embrace business intelligence and analytic, you know how difficult it can be to deal with solutions that are crucial to your business success yet difficult to integrate. The right business intelligence and analytics tools can ensure integration of critical data from all types of systems and software solutions.



If you are a Tally user, you probably love this accounting and finance related application and you know that the power of ad-hoc data mining and visualization can take your organization to the next level. Your reporting needs are always changing, and the need for ad hoc data mining and visualization is constant. Providing sophisticated, integrated Analytics for Tally is easier than ever. Your Tally users can easily adopt BI and analytics with sophisticated, easy-to-use data analysis for business.

Your business can enjoy a complete Business Intelligence for Tally, with ready-to-use, pre-built dashboards, KPI and reporting tool to monitor business parameters and performance indicators. Users can create dashboards, reports and KPIs without the assistance of a programmer and receive a snapshot view of consolidated data from Tally and various applications and spreadsheets.

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Original Post: Integrate and Report on Crucial Data with Business Intelligence for Tally!