Can I Find BI Tools for Production Planning & Control?

Do I Need BI Tools Designed for Production Planning and Control?

As with any other software implementation, a business may choose a solution that has a basic toolkit and features and spend time and money on customization, believing that they cannot find something that is designed to meet the needs of their industry or business function.



Fortunately, there is BI for Production Planning & Control. With the right solution, business users, managers and other team members can use analytics for production planning & control to gain insight into data, integrated from various data sources, and to share data, solve problems, get to the root cause of issues, discover opportunities and support accurate business decisions.

BI Tool for Production Planning & Control does not have to be a time-consuming, expensive proposition. What your team really needs are tools that can be implemented quickly, and used out-of-the-box, in an environment that anticipates the types of tasks, analysis and information required in the production environment. This self-serve, business user-friendly solution provides dashboards for production planning & control that are meaningful to your users without customization for business function focus.

If you want your production environment to run smoothly, you must effectively manage and control raw materials, work-in-progress, suppliers, shipments and finished goods, as well as production facilities, equipment, and resources.

Efficient, optimized production management and production planning also depends on order execution and on accurate shipping and sales forecasts. To achieve this balance, you need a concise, up-to-date view of product demand well in advance of the product need, so that the team can plan production schedules, accommodate maintenance and repair of equipment, and shift and resource allocations, thereby reducing downtime and balancing equipment and shift load.

KPI for Production Planning & Control, and reporting for production planning & control provides slice and dice, drill down, drill up, drill through, simplified forecasting and predictive analysis functionality using complex – easy-to-use – algorithms. Team members involved in production planning and control can analyze shifts and resources, assess quality issues, shipments, inventory, parts and supplies, suppliers, equipment and facility maintenance needs, sales plans and forecasts and seasonal fluctuations and new product and product upgrade or feature change requirements.

Before you decide to take on a standard BI tool and spend time and money to customize it to your needs, Contact Us to find out how Analytics for Production Planning & Control can help you achieve your goals, without high cost or extensive business user training.

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