Business Intelligence Integration with SAP is Easy!

Is There Business Intelligence and Reporting for SAP?

If you work in a large enterprise, you are most certainly familiar with SAP®. SAP provides ERP solutions that stretch across the organization and these systems contain data that is crucial to your organization. If your business is like most, you are focused on metrics, business intelligence and data-driven decisions. But, how do you leverage the data contained in your SAP systems to gather, prepare and analyze data and combine that data with other data sources across the enterprise so that your users can clearly see outcomes, discover insight and opportunities and identify issues before they become problems?



A great business intelligence solution is a self-serve, user-centric tool that supports business user adoption and supports users without a major investment in training so users can quickly and easily prepare and analyze data, and visualize and explore data, notate and highlight data and share data with others. When that solution is easily integrated with SAP, your users will have all the features they need in BI and Reporting for SAP. They can access to organizational data and can use that data to analyze and produce reports on their own without dependence on IT or analytical staff.

Organizations that have implemented SAP solutions can leverage familiar tools and expand usage of business intelligence and analytical tools throughout the organization to support hundreds or thousands of business users and democratize data analysis. Organizations can leverage the benefits and simplicity of self-serve BI tools, and access enterprise data stored within the SAP solution. Access through the ElegantJ BI solution assumes enterprise understanding and compliance with SAP licensing terms and conditions.

With the right BI tool, and easy BI Integration with SAP, users can connect to SAP. View and select a BAPI from a list of available BAPI and pass query parameters, then select columns and start building your dashboard or report in no time. Tools designed to support a large data volume and a large user community working from any device.

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