There are a lot of BI tools out there, so it is easy for businesses and users to get confused – especially when the vendor tells you that the business intelligence solution is a self-serve, flexible tool that allows users to do what they want, when they want to do it (and then falls short on its promised delivery). Many business intelligence solutions allow the IT department or a professional analyst to create dashboards and reports that appear to be useful. But, the information may not be current, and the format of the report may not satisfy the user needs. Restrictive data access and formats can be very frustrating for users and can limit the benefits and success of the business intelligence solution.


If you want to achieve and sustain a competitive edge and satisfy your business users and your corporate goals and objectives, you need to lose the ‘packaged’ approach and go for the ‘fresh’ perspective. When it comes to food, ‘fresh’ is always better than ‘packaged’. The same is true of business intelligence. Old, restrictive data and reports will not do. Users cannot leverage knowledge and creativity if they only have access to what others have designed and provided. They need to create their own reports and choose and add columns and data. They need to share data and respond to issues based on today’s business environment. If you want to provide a fresh perspective to your users, consider a business intelligence solution that is flexible – one that can give your users the ability to capitalize on opportunities and solve problems. Self-Serve Business Intelligence for Today

Original Source – Get BI Tools for the Future: Fresh is Best, Packaged is Passé!