Business Intelligence for Supply Chain Management

How Can Business Intelligence for Supply Chain Management Help Your Business?

Gathering and analyzing Business Intelligence should not be difficult and it should not be generic. Dashboards should not be restrictive and business users should be able to get what they need, when they need it to make good business decisions and accurately plan. When it comes to the Supply Chain function and industry, business intelligence is more important than ever today.



If a business can cut through the months and years of customization and planning to achieve a robust business intelligence foundation that provides rapid return on investment (ROI) with low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), it can get the best from its business intelligence and be competitive and successful. The ideal solution provides tools and features that support Business Intelligence for Supply Chain Management and are flexible enough to allow the business to meet its own unique business requirements.

Dashboards for Supply Chain Management should provide a comprehensive, out-of-the-box domain and industry focus that includes KPI for supply chain management, and a reporting tool for supply chain management. With these tools, business users can adopt and use business intelligence right away with minimal training and be empowered to find solutions to problems and see patterns and trends and test hypotheses to meet future market and business needs.

As organizations grapple with the expense, importance and value hidden along the steps in the supply chain, most enterprises depend on supply chain reporting and enterprise analyses to establish goals and metrics, and monitor results – all in an effort to control costs, optimize resources and ensure customer and partner satisfaction.

Business Intelligence Software provides the supply chain manager and other teams and individuals engaged in aspects of the supply chain the ability to create reports and personalized dashboards and alerts to establish objective goals and KPI for Supply Chain Management and monitor shipment systems and other enterprise applications using an integrated, single view of data.

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