Conquer Data with R, Spark, Big Data & Predictive Analytics

Big Data and Predictive Analytics: Control Your Business and Achieve Results!

Even if you do not work in IT, you have probably heard the term ‘Big Data’. These days, Big Data can cause big problems. If you do not have a plan to manage all that data and to make it easily accessible to your users, the data may as well not exist. If you cannot use that data for predictive analytics, you cannot accurately forecast your business results, plan for growth or compete in the market.



To integrate your data and incorporate the concept of Big Data management into your enterprise, you need cost-effective, practical data management methodologies, and an integrated approach to data preparation and analytical features – one that is accessible and easy for business users to adopt and embrace.

When our team was faced with this issue, we looked for a partner who could help us with technical feasibility and selection, proof of concept, data migration and integration, data sizing, aggregation, updates and retention and other related services and skills. We wanted a team that had experience with the tools and frameworks including R Scripting, Spark, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Cassandra, Hadoop and Big Query and the best skills in analytics services, augmented analytics and assisted predictive modeling.

What I want to emphasize is that these skills and this experience is critical if you really want to tackle the issue of Big Data and Predictive Analytics within your organization. This type of undertaking can easily become costly and time-consuming and without the right guidance, it can turn out poorly for your enterprise and your users.

Let me save you some time. If you are ready to tackle this kind of project, you can find the right resources here: Big Data & Predictive Analytics