Can Business Analytics Tools Work for Business Users?

Can Business Intelligence and Analytics Truly Work for Business Users?

Business intelligence and analytics has changed drastically over the past five years. Data analysis for business is more democratic today and that is good for the organization. By extending access throughout the organization, the enterprise can provide a solid foundation for confident decision-making. Business users can have access to sophisticated business intelligence software and use business analytical tools without the advanced training of a data scientist, an analyst or an IT professional.



As the self-serve Business Intelligence Software evolves, social BI will increase and, with it, collaboration, data sharing, and better, faster, more dependable data analytics will ensure that the organization can find the root cause of issues, test theories and hypotheses, visualize data in a way that clearly illustrates results and assure user adoption across the enterprise.

These intuitive Business Intelligence Tools are suitable for every industry and provide out-of-the-box functionality and features for all types of businesses and industries including government and public sector, so return on investment (ROI) is rapid and total cost of ownership (TCO) is low. If your organization has not undertaken a data democratization initiative with self-serve business intelligence tools, it is not optimizing its time or its resources.

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