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When your business begins the process of choosing or changing business intelligence tools and business intelligence services, it is easy to get confused! There are many choices in the market and not all of them are created equal. A business intelligence company offering solutions, features and functionality for advanced analytics must be suitable for your requirements or your initiative will not succeed.



If your business wants to implement a Self Service BI Tool, you will want to consider the flexibility, scalability and mobility of the solution and also the ease of use for the average business user. Is the solution easy enough for business users to adopt without a lot of training? Is implementation easy and fast? Is the solution cost effective?

You will also want to look at Business Intelligence Integration with data sources to be sure you can bring data from all sources into the analytical environment. If your analysts, data scientists or IT team members are going to use the solution, you will also want to consider whether the solution is easily integrated and usable with SAP, Tally ERP Solution, R scripting and all types of databases.

If you plan to engage a partner as a business intelligence consultant to help you get up and running, be sure the Business intelligence consulting services are performed by a team that has a comprehensive understanding of the market, the solution, the types of issues your business will face in rolling out this type of solution in the enterprise and the organizational and cultural changes required to achieve optimal adoption and use of the BI tools .

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