Can My Business Get BI Integration with SAP?

Business Intelligence Integration with SAP: Easy, Fast and Seamless!

If your business has invested in SAP and the ERP environment, then business intelligence integration with SAP® will definitely make your life easier! Imagine user-centric analytics for SAP with a focus on business users and a foundation of self-serve tools to support user adoption with Advanced Data Discovery so users can quickly and easily prepare and analyze data, and visualize and explore data, notate and highlight data and share data with others.



BI Integration with SAP your popular enterprise application provides organizations with ease of access to organizational data. Users can leverage the sophisticated, easy-to-use features of the ElegantJ BI suite to analyze data and produce reports and dashboards on their own without dependence on IT or analytical staff.

Organizations can leverage Business Intelligence and Reporting for SAP and access enterprise data stored within the SAP solution. BI integration with SAP is seamless and easy to use and allows users to leverage the ElegantJ BI interface to gather, analyze and report in minutes. The installation process takes less than a day and is simple and intuitive. Users do not need special skills to analyze data or create reports or dashboards.

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