Cross-Tab Analysis is a Powerful BI Tool!

Business Intelligence Tools Should Include Cross-Tab Analysis!

When you are considering a business intelligence tool, you may not think it is important to consider whether that solution has the capacity to provide cross-tab analysis. Even though cross-tab analysis has been around awhile, it is still very relevant and, when it is paired with other great business intelligence tools, it can be a powerful feature to provide data clarity and support confident business decisions. Business intelligence software with cross-tab analysis enables a 360° view of data and a BI reporting tool that offers insight into data in a way that other tools do not.



You can use cross-tab analysis to analyze the relationship between or among two or more variables and to summarize data in rows and columns so you can easily see the intersection of data points. Understanding relationships in data can help you understand the root cause of a problem, targeting an issue or opportunity. You can use this insight to manage your business and identify patterns, trends, and sensitivity for things like pricing and more.

Cross-tab analysis in BI Analytics provides a view of multi-dimensional data and the ability to perform ad-hoc queries to gain a clear view of performance, deep dive into your data, and easily slice and dice data, to find and understand relevant Information. It simplifies complex data operations, summary operations, time series functions, filters and custom column expressions.

If you are looking for a robust, comprehensive Business Intelligence Solution with cross-tab analytical capabilities, you can start here: Cross-Tab Deep Dive

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