Can My Business Users Access Tally Via Mobile Devices?

Can Tally Help My Business Manage with Easy-to-Use Tools and Reporting?

Every Tally user sees the value of the Tally solution and its features and functionality. IF anything, Tally users just want to use the solution more but the need to access the information within Tally can be difficult to address because Tally is a desktop app, accessible from within the walls of the enterprise. For small and medium businesses, the prospect of customizing or taking on a long-term project to make Tally accessible via mobile devices is just too expensive, time consuming and complicated.



But, your users can gain access to Tally data in near real time using the Mobile App for Tally. The Tally Mobile App is easy to use and is accessible on iOS and Android devices, so your users can enjoy access to Tally on the road, in the office, at home – virtually anywhere!

Tally on Mobile provides online and offline access to critical tools and data from the Tally systems. These mobile Tally dashboards are designed by ElegantJ BI, a Tally partner that provides Business Intelligence for Tally. These BI Tools are easily integrated with the Tally solution with cost-effective functionality that offers sophisticated, yet easy-to-use features and analytical features to support IT, business users and managers alike. ElegantJ BI is an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partner, that provides the Tally Mobile App and support and domain expertise for Business Intelligence for Tally for value-add features, functionality and flexibility.

Tally Mobile Application provides access to key indicators, trend tracking and analysis, and access to, and analysis of, recent transactions in a user-friendly, native mobile app user interface, so users can take advantage of familiar Tally tools and data and the organization can leverage its investment in Tally both in the office and on the road.

The Mobile App for Tally is free to try for 30 days and it only takes a few minutes to download and get started. Licensing is affordable for even the smallest enterprise and users have full support for the mobile app. Businesses can track data for multiple companies, execute ledger inquiries, display recent transactions, view balances, taxes, duties, etc. The Tally Mobile App connects to the desktop app and to secured Cloud access to push data at predefined frequency, so you have ongoing access to your data on the road.

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