Software-Reengineering-EBA-BlogWhy would you consider Software Reengineering? Well, for starters, if you want to remain relevant, you have to take an honest look at your current applications and compare them to the market and to your competitors. Be honest! Are you offering your customers and stakeholders a set of tools that performs well on all devices and screen sizes, within the office or on the road? If not, you will lose business. Today’s consumers and employees have no patience for apps that slow them down, or frustrate them with confusing navigation or slow performance.


As I said before, there are a lot of reasons to consider a software reengineering project!


  • capitalize on new technologies and trends
  • integrate with other apps or systems
  • satisfy user expectations
  • address changing needs (increased user volume or skills, changing usage, or volume, size, and data types)
  • resolve issues with old architecture that no longer supports the market or user
  • target devices, OS, third party systems and platforms
  • offer high interoperability with other systems
  • migrate to the cloud to improve customer satisfaction
  • create a browser-based interface for existing solutions
  • address new IT initiatives, or technology demands requiring migration, upgrade or re-engineering efforts
  • achieve enterprise data integration, app integration and IT unification following reorganization or restructuring
  • achieve enterprise mobility for software products, applications

Let’s review! Software Product, Application and Site Re-engineering allows for app operation on numerous screens and device sizes, improves system performance, migrates and/or upgrades solutions to satisfy new platforms, technologies and user expectations. If you want to benefit from software re-engineering project and do it affordably and quickly, you will need to talk to the experts! Software Re-Engineering Experts