Social Media and Business Intelligence Do Mix

Many organizations are struggling to find meaning in the social media market and to determine the value of social media marketing to customers. In fact, the enterprise that utilizes a business intelligence (BI) solution to slice and dice unstructured data from social network conversations, comments and activities can glean a lot of insight and make better business decisions regarding how and when to market to social media customers and to determine the success of its integrated internet marketing campaigns.With the right BI tool, any enterprise can use time series-based historic data, and sort, filter and drill down and through data using demographics, geographies, and customer preferences and buying behaviors and it can forecast and predict future trends, needs and moods of customers.


Every business manager and executive knows they must leverage social media to market to prospects, and keep customers engaged, these same managers and executives find it difficult to measure the success of social media and internet marketing programs. Without these objective metrics, it is difficult to justify the efforts and investments of internet marketing, social media marketing and pay-per-click marketing campaigns.

Social media is a crucial component of market success in today’s interactive culture and economy. With an ever-increasing user base and ever-expanding social media platforms, the focus on marketing, advertising and product and market analysis must include internet marketing, pay-per-click, search engine optimization, and social media marketing. Customers and prospects are focused on various personal, consumers, community and business topics and they find, share and express this focus using social media.

To capitalize on the popularity of social media and the valuable data contained within these frameworks, a business must integrate business intelligence with social media marketing and internet marketing to create a balanced online and offline marketing campaign and exploit FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google + customer outreach opportunities with pay-per-click and search engine techniques. The enterprise must leverage advertising and sponsored opportunities offered by BING, Google, Yahoo and other search engines.

With the right BI tool, an enterprise can use key performance indicators (KPIs), and forecasting and predictive analysis tools, as well as impact and sensitivity analysis to reveal patterns and trends. The organization can plan for future campaigns and product and service offerings, and determine the success of a program, and gather and objectively measure social media marketing results to validate or change its direction and capitalize on search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, internet marketing and pay-per-click advertising techniques.