Put the ‘I’ in Business Intelligence with BI Democratization!

If you think Business Intelligence solutions are just for business analysts, data scientists or IT professionals, you are missing the real intent of business intelligence. Business Intelligence is, by its nature, supposed to inform the business and make it easier to make the right decisions and drive your business forward but if 90% of your users have no access to real, clear information, you are missing most of the advantages and tying up your team in red tape, delayed decisions and endless requests for information. You are shackling your analysts, data scientists and IT team by burying them under those requests for information and using precious time they might be spending on strategic and crucial initiatives.

When you democratize the use of BI tools, you are expanding the reach of critical data and empowering every team member with the information they need to make decisions, share, and collaborate. Whether your users are in Sales, Marketing, Production, Inventory, Finance, HR, Help Desk, Purchasing or any other function, the access to data that is integrated from systems across the enterprise, can provide a complete and clear picture and ensure fact-driven decisions that will benefit the organization.

Today’s enterprise culture must encourage accountability and empowerment and leverage all resources and assets to remain competitive and to better serve customers and retain valuable team members. Democratizing business intelligence and enabling a data literate culture will ensure your success and the success of your employees.

To democratize data and improve data literacy, you’ll want to choose business intelligence tools that are designed for business users with BI tools that are easy to use and intuitive. Ready-to-Use Business Intelligence

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