Expand Your Vision: Don’t Short Change Your iOS Mobile App!

If your business is considering a mobile application for the iOS platform, you are probably focused on smart phones, and that is a good thing, because smartphones represent a huge segment of the market for mobile apps and because smart phones are always in the hands, pockets or purses of prospective clients! Smartphones are ubiquitous!

BUT, remember that most households also have other devices – laptops, tablets, even smart watches, and that customers who are dedicated to Apple products, probably have more than one device that uses an Apple operating system (OS). SO…if you are designing your mobile application consider the user experience, resolution issues and other factors that will come into play when designing your mobile application for the market. You may be able to expand your market reach and your customer base by designing once for your mobile application to accommodate the iPhone, iPad, and Smart Watch experience.

Think of your own device use and how often you access a favorite mobile application on an iPhone, and then take it one step further and consider how often you use that same application on your iPad or Smart Watch. Whether you are using a banking app, a media or entertainment application, a healthcare portal, a shopping application or any other mobile app, you expect these applications to follow you from one device to another.

So, don’t short change your business, your customers or your revenue stream! Consider all iOS devices when you conceive your project and work with an IT consultant that has a comprehensive understanding of each device, its capabilities, features, resolution, and scale. Be sure you design for the user experience (Ux) and consider your plans for future upgrades to accommodate new Apple technology releases. All of that will ensure your success in the market and make your customers happy!

If your business wants to take advantage of the new features and functionality in Apple iOS 15, you’ll need an expert mobile application development partner, one with the iPhone App Development Technical Skills, iPad, Smart Watch, and Mobile Application Development Services to suit your needs. Contact Us to today our experts can help you achieve your goals.