Don't Call Cross-Tab Reporting Old School!

Cross-Tab Analytics Proves Its Value as a Relevant, Powerful BI Reporting Tool!

When it comes to business data and business intelligence, no one wants to get caught by surprise. If you are missing data, or if you don’t have the ability to get a 360° view of your data, you just know you are going to miss something and that something will probably be very important.



When I talk to others about Business Intelligence Reporting Tools, and I mention cross-tab reporting, people often say that cross-tab is ‘old school’. They talk about it in the same breath as spreadsheets and file cabinets. But, it is important to recognize the value of this kind of BI reporting tool and the insight it provides. Not every traditional tool should be left behind in our rush to the future. If a tool works, we should keep it and, within the framework of new BI reporting software, we can definitely make a place for cross-tab reporting!

What you want is to see your information in the format that makes the most sense for the type of data and the situation. BI objects such as dashboards, reports, cross-tab or graphs allow users to stay abreast of issues, opportunities, financials, sales and other metrics. Using cross-tab, in particular, allows you to analyze the relationship among two or more variables and summarize the data in rows and columns to illustrate the intersection points. I am sure we would all agree that understanding the relationships between data points can help you manage your business and identify patterns, trends, and sensitivity for things like pricing, etc.

Cross-tab analytics offers a 360 degree view of multi-dimensional data with ad-hoc queries, a clear view of corporate performance and the ability to slice and dice data, drill down, drill up and drill through to find the most relevant Information. It also provides easy-to-use complex data operations, summary operations, time series functions, filters and custom column expressions engine to help users make prompt, effective business decisions. Cross-tab analysis provides pivot table and OLAP Analysis to any user.

So, the next time you are inclined to dismiss cross-tab reporting as ‘old school’, stop and think about the value it offers and keep it on your list of ‘go to’ tools for a 360° view of your business data.

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