The Importance of Data Analysis Cannot be Overstated!

Augmented Analytics Tools to Support Business Users and the Organization!

The importance of data analysis cannot be overstated, but if the enterprise does not choose the right data analysis tool, it will not achieve its potential and it is likely to frustrate the business users who are now expected to participate in the analytical process.



Data Science and Predictive Analytics must be made simple, but based on sophisticated features that will enable data modeling and predictive analytics technique. Data exploration tools that capitalize on the use of Natural Language Processing allow users to submit a query using natural language and to receive results in the same manner so there is no need for interpretation of data by a data scientist.

Business Analytics tools should also recognize the importance of data visualization and help business users to choose from among the many data visualization types so that each user receives recommendations for how best to visualize the data, considering the type of data being analyzed.

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Original Post: The Importance of Data Analysis Cannot be Overstated!