Connect BI Tools to Enterprise Apps with Ease!

Can My Business Leverage Data from Enterprise Apps by Connecting BI Tools?

Imagine if you were able to connect a business intelligence solution or BI tool to your enterprise applications without expensive, cumbersome integration! You would have access to all of that data for analysis, reporting and you could combine this data with data from other sources to get meaningful results, predict and forecast, identify trends and patterns and collaborate and share data.



If you could connect Business Intelligence with Enterprise Applications using easy-to-implement connectors, you could make a huge impact on your business users and on the ROI and TCO of your organization with minimal implementation time and little training requirement.

Ready to use BI Applications include meta-data definitions, dashboards, KPIs and reports, designed by industry, domain and BI experts to give your BI initiative a quick start. Your organization can start using this plug n’ play functionality right away with connectivity to many popular apps.

  • Connect BI Tool to Tally to monitor business parameters and performance indicators, and create reports, KPIs and dashboards for every business need. Analyze sales by customer, product and region. Compare performance for numerous time periods. Monitor revenue by Customer, Product/Product Category. Analyze Top/Bottom Receivables/Payables to drive collections.
  • Connect BI Tool to SAP with ease of access to organizational data. Users can analyze data, and produce reports and dashboards on their own without dependence on IT. The Business Application Programming Interface (BAPI) connection to SAP allows for access to data within SAP. Users can select a BAPI and then select from a list of available output columns, with simple drag n’ drop functionality in a 100% browser based, self-serve interface.
  • Connect BI Tool to MDX Data Sources with ready-to-use connectivity with Microsoft® SSAS and other MDX compliant data sources to leverage your investment in these technologies with easy to use, self-serve business intelligence tools.
  • Connect BI Tool to Other Apps like CSV/Excel® files and most RDBMS, e.g., Oracle®, Microsoft® SQL Server, IBM® DB2, MySQL®, Sybase ASE®, PostgreSQL®, and Amazon Redshift® via JDBC/ODBC connectivity.

If you need business intelligence and analytical tools with this type of inter connectivity at a reasonable cost, here it is: BI Tools with Enterprise Connections

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