Elegant MicroWeb is pleased to announce the successful completion and implementation of over 100 eCommerce solutions. This achievement represents a proud legacy of nearly twenty years and a clientele and partnership program that is both local and global. Elegant MicroWeb provides a full suite of eCommerce services from design and development to configuration, integration, support, training, upgrade and maintenance.


Elegant MicroWeb CEO, Kartik Patel says, “The competitive local and world markets of today demand that every business, large or small, engage in eCommerce and use business websites, portals, online stores and internet marketing to reach new customers and improve sales and customer retention. We are proud of our rich eCommerce history. Every day, we help our clients select and design a solution that will provide an integrated eCommerce presence with consistent corporate branding and mobile accessibility across smart phones, tablets and desktops.”

Elegant MicroWeb offers Offshore Software Development Services for short-term and long-term projects and business needs. With expert eCommerce skills and knowledge, Elegant MicroWeb provides a portfolio of services and IT support to help businesses compete in the local, regional, domestic and global market. The business benefits of eCommerce websites and internet marketing are undeniable, and today’s flexible solutions, tools, frameworks and platforms can be used for many business purposes.

“We assist our clients with requirements planning, and feasibility studies,” says Patel. “Our clients get support and domain expertise throughout the entire lifecycle of the project so that their eCommerce initiative is fully realized.”

The Elegant MicroWeb eCommerce team is skilled in all types of eCommerce design, development and integration, and the project portfolio includes successful projects for small businesses, as well as development and implementation of medium and large eCommerce stores with multi-million dollar revenues. Its eCommerce frameworks partnerships encompass all leading technology providers including Shopify, BigCommerce and Volusion, with additional design and development experience in Magento and custom frameworks.

CEO, Patel says, “It takes specific experience, innovation, creativity and intelligence to design and develop effective eCommerce solutions, and create a rich environment that includes appropriate theme design and implementation and corporate branding considerations. Our team is educated in all available frameworks, tools and templates, and is able to select the most feasible framework to meet client needs. We are proud of what we have accomplished, and we believe that our achievements are just a hint of what is possible in the future. We welcome inquiries from new clients and partners and look forward to many more years of serving the local and global community and its eCommerce needs.”

Elegant MicroWeb has a wealth of experience in both simple and complex eCommerce website design, development and implementations including features and functionality for credit verification, tax calculation fulfillment, tracking systems, courier and postage system, and multi-vendor stores and integration of ERP, Sales and CRM system.

A unique combination of skills, experience and domain, technology and leadership expertise makes Elegant MicroWeb the ideal choice for any eCommerce project.

About Elegant MicroWeb

Elegant MicroWeb serves clients in many industries, and in many countries, including the U.K., Australia, the U.S., Japan, the Middle East and Far East, Europe and India. Our customer satisfaction ranking is excellent and we have served some clients for over ten years. Clients include small, medium and large enterprises. Elegant MicroWeb is an ISO 9001:2008 certified, software products and services company. Its business and delivery model and technical and leadership knowledge and skills ensure the best value, and the best products and services available in the market today.

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