Software Testing

Elegant MicroWeb recently commemorates its two-year partnership with a U.S. Social Dieting Game Portal. Elegant MicroWeb is a software product and application development service provider, in Ahmedabad, India, specializing in user interface design, mobile application development, software re-engineering, and software testing and related services. Elegant MicroWeb designed and developed Quality Assurance Testing models and processes for this popular Social Dieting Game Portal and provides ongoing services to ensure availability and high performance.


Elegant MicroWeb CEO, Kartik Patel says, “The social dieting through online games has become a very popular way to achieve and sustain wellness while participating in a like-minded community that assures support for lifestyle changes and continued success in the pursuit of good health.”

Social dieting games attract users who register and participate in the games for a specific time period. Users wager for a virtual pot and can win and split rewards, promoting a friendly competition among the participants with the incentive to win cash rewards at the end of session is what the company intends to achieve with these online games. Elegant MicroWeb participated in the QA component of the development process, designing and execution of a total quality testing approach to assure the function of this portal for desktop and mobile device use and ensure a worry-free implementation and timely product release and upgrades.

CEO Patel says, “In the online gaming community, heavy application use is common and accessibility and availability is imperative. Users expect that releases and upgrades will be delivered without interrupting or compromising system availability or the user experience.”

To achieve its goals, the portal management team chose Elegant MicroWeb as its QA partner to provide seamless upgrades on a periodic basis, and assure seamless support, high performance and uninterrupted availability, with functional testing, performance testing and cross-browser compatibility testing on difference devices, including mobile devices and smart phones.

Elegant MicroWeb worked with the client’s product management team and remote development team, to define QA processes and workflow in order to meet client and consumer objectives. The scope of QA services included design, update and implementation of test scenarios and cases, manual and automated testing, load and performance testing, mobile application testing on targeted devices and managing bug-tracking systems with workflow implementation.

“This two-year partnership has resulted in a successful relationship that serves our client and their customers,” says Patel. “We are proud to be part of this important initiative and to help our client provide a stable framework and foundation to improve the health of people around the world and support healthy lifestyle choices and regimens.”

About Elegant MicroWeb

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