ElegantJ BI Announces ElegantJ BI Mobile App for Tally®

ElegantJ BI Tally® ISV partnership evolves with ElegantJ BI Mobile App for Tally. Access from anywhere – key indicators, trends, and more.


ElegantJ BI is proud to announce the ElegantJ BI Mobile App for Tally®. The mobile app allows Tally users to leverage a familiar Tally ERP application and access its data in a mobile environment from a smart phone, providing numerous benefits and business advantages, including access to critical data in online or in offline mode.

ElegantJ BI CEO, Kartik Patel, says, “Tally users understand the value of the Tally and its features. Now, you can access your Tally data using the ElegantJ BI Mobile App for Tally, and enjoy access to Tally and BI tools on the road, in the office – anywhere. The mobile app represents an evolution and expansion of the ISV relationship between ElegantJ BI and Tally.”

Businesses can download the ElegantJ BI Mobile App for Tally for free and evaluate the app for free for a period of one (1) month. Users can get started in ten (10) minutes. ElegantJ BI offers support for download, registration and training and licensing fees are affordable – Rs. 1999 per year following free evaluation period. Users can pay and renew online or offline, in local currency. The license provides unlimited company access and data transfer for registered users.

“We designed an easy-to-use, native mobile app with a great user interface,” says Patel. “The ElegantJ BI Mobile App for Tally is available for iOS and Android and users can access data online or offline to save expensive data transfers.”

The mobile app requires an on-premises desktop app connected to the secured cloud server. The native mobile app communicates with the ElegantJ BI mobile app cloud server to fetch and display required data, graphs and reports. All interaction and transactions are secure.

Users can view a snapshot of key indicators like cash balance, bank balance, receipts, payments, stock, inwards, outwards, payables, receivables and trends year-over-year with daily month to date (MTD), year to date (YTD) balances, and the last ten (10) transactions of various types.


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Tally Solution partners can also benefit from a relationship with ElegantJ BI and its innovative, mobile BI tools and solutions. ElegantJ BI invites Tally partners to explore a relationship with ElegantJ BI and find out more about its partnership program.

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