ElegantJ BI Introduces Unique Managed Memory Computing Technology in Business Intelligence World

A leading company in the field of Business Intelligence software with customers in national and international markets, Ahmedabad-based Elegant MicroWeb has announced the launch of a globally unique technology “Managed Memory Computing” in the Business Intelligence space.The path breaking Managed Memory Computing is expected to transform the Business Intelligence space by changing the way Business Intelligence is used and makes it cost-effective to roll out BI to all employees across the organisation.The technology powering Business Intelligence Solutions is usually classified into two core architectures – the traditional disk-based architecture and the more recent in-memory processing. The disk-based system usually aggregates and makes the data ready for analysis, while in-memory systems push the data into the memory and process based on requests from users. In-memory processing needs more memory and processing power with increased usage, while the disk-based system needs more disk I/O operations.


The breakthrough technology developed by ElegantJ BI takes the best of both technologies and delivers a unique product that will dramatically change the way Business Intelligence Solutions will be viewed. Managed Memory Computing puts the power of selecting which data will be in memory in the hands of the technology managers.

Kartik Patel, CEO of Elegant MicroWeb, said, “Managed Memory Computing will redefine applications and levels of usage of Business Intelligence in all organisations. It will eliminate most of the restrictions imposed by need of hardware resources. Due to this, one can use ElegantJ BI for organisation-wide applications and in interactive meetings like the board meeting. Since the user has the choice to determine which data is going to be used in the memory, users can choose to allocate it as per the need. Furthermore, data put in memory is aggregated, and that ensures superior performance for BI analytics.”

The key advantages of Managed Memory Computing in ElegantJ BI are:

  1. Power of Managing Memory Allocation – Optimize memory utilization with the application and priority of BI analytics rather than the number of users
  2. Power of Choice – Choose which data should be used in memory, based on priority and application of BI analytics
  3. Power of Having More – Expand BI usage without increasing the cost of hardware and without changing the hardware
  4. Power of Speed – Aggregated data in memory for amazing performance

ElegantJ BI is an independent product that is capable of using data from any transaction system for analytics. It has unique features, such as multidimensional KPI and deep dive analysis, that makes taking data-driven decisions simple.

ElegantJ BI Business Intelligence Suite has been used in many large corporations across India and around the globe, but it is one of the few solution tools available in the market that can also be used effectively in small and medium-sized businesses.

About Elegant MicroWeb
Elegant MicroWeb prides itself on being a creative, technology-driven company that has built a globally unique Business Intelligence Solution from its base in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The company is led by a team of innovative technical people who have been building unique products since its inception in 1996.

ElegantJ BI is their flagship Business Intelligence Solution. The company serves customers in the UK, USA, Europe, India, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Japan. Users of ElegantJ BI include such corporations as Saudi Telecom, IPCA Laboratories, JMC Projects, and Raychem RPG. The company has effective partnerships across the country and around the globe.