ElegantJ BI, a Business Intelligence (BI) suite announces off-the-shelf, ready to use business intelligence application for Tally® ERP customers. Based in Bangalore, India, the Tally® Solutions suite of accounting and business application products is widely used by small and medium sized businesses, in the Middle East, India, Africa and other countries.

ElegantJ BI CEO, Kartik Patel says, “We are pleased to serve Tally users by expanding and leveraging the capabilities of Tally® ERP, and empower users at every skill level, with sophisticated BI tools.” The integration of ElegantJ BI allows users to view data integrated from CRM, spreadsheets and other databases to go beyond standard Tally reporting capability to create ad hoc reports, use interactive dashboards and monitor KPIs to ensure confident, timely decision-making.


“Ad hoc data mining and visualization is an imperative in these competitive times,” says Patel. “Top-level executives must monitor dashboards and key performance indicators, while sales managers need information on weekly sales, targets, and receivables. The manual effort, cost and time required to create reports causes delays in decision-making and results in imprecise reporting. This process is unsustainable in a fast-paced business environment. We designed our products to empower users with self-serve BI, and to save our clients money and time. Users can create and monitor customized dashboards and reports without the assistance of a programmer.”

Powered by unique Managed Memory Computing, ElegantJ BI Business Intelligence and Reporting for Tally lets users leverage ready-made, personalized dashboards, and interactive ad hoc reporting, with drill down and drill through capability. With Tally/ElegantJ BI integration, small and medium sized businesses can enjoy BI functionality with simple, one-day implementation and training cycles.

About ElegantJ BI
ElegantJ BI is the flagship BI solution of Elegant MicroWeb. This independent product suite analyzes data from any transaction system. It is used by large, medium and small businesses around the world, including Saudi Telecom, IPCA Laboratories, JMC Projects, and Raychem RPG and many other small and medium size businesses.

About Elegant MicroWeb
Elegant MicroWeb is based in Ahmedabad, India. For nearly two decades, it has served the global business community with customers in the U.K., U.S., Europe, India, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Japan. Since its inception in 1996, this innovative technology-driven company has designed, and developed software products for the global market.