ElegantJ BI is pleased to announce the launch of its MDX connector, designed to support data access and integration with third party MDX XML/A providers like Microsoft® SQL Server Analysis services (MS SSAS), SAP® BW, Palo, and Pentaho. The ElegantJ BI MDX connector utilizes industry standard XML for Analysis (XMLA) to ensure interoperability with these BI platforms.

ElegantJ BI is the flagship product of Elegant MicroWeb, a software product and application development company, located in Ahmedabad, India and specializing in Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance software.

Elegant MicroWeb CEO, Kartik Patel says, “Our ElegantJ BI proprietary MOLAP-based cube engine provides high performance analytics supported by unique Managed Memory Computing, and now with this MDX connector launch, users will have the option of connecting with other BI platforms to take full advantage of their investments in these BI tools and products from other vendors.”


The ElegantJ BI front-end objects like dashboards, reports, KPI, OLAP analysis and interactive graphs can access MS SSAS Tabular in-memory cache mode, and Multidimensional Model with all three basic storage modes: Multidimensional OLAP (MOLAP), Relational OLAP (ROLAP) and Hybrid OLAP (HOLAP). Connection with these cubes can be established through a 100% browser based, wizard driven interface, without any programming or scripting efforts.

“If a business has invested time and resources on MS SSAS, our MDX connector will ensure that the organization can leverage previous technology investments in ETL, DWH and Cubes and achieve unbeatable TCO and ROI with rapid development and deployment of dashboards, key performance indicators (KPI), ad-hoc reports, OLAP analysis and interactive graphs. ElegantJ BI also offers easy integration through RESTful web services and JavaScript, so that organizations can embed BI dashboards and reports within their applications. ”

The ElegantJ BI software suite is 100% browser based, with a responsive interface that delivers a seamless user experience on desktops, tablets and smart phones. The intelligent rendering engine ensures a ‘Design Once, Use Anywhere’ environment so there is no need for programming, scripting or SQL or MDX query knowledge. The average implementation time for the ElegantJ BI is 4 to 6 weeks, and deployment requires only general IT skills, so an enterprise does not have to employ specialized IT resources or consultants.

Note: Rights to the Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (MS-SSAS), SAP BW, Palo and Pentaho brands, products and service names are reserved by and for their respective owners.

About ElegantJ BI
ElegantJ BI is a flagship BI solution by Elegant MicroWeb, powered by unique Managed Memory Computing technology. This independent product suite analyzes data from any transaction system. It is used by large, medium and small businesses around the world, including Saudi Telecom, IPCA Laboratories, JMC Projects, Sharekhan, Raychem RPG and many other small and medium size businesses.

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