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Elegant MicroWeb is pleased to announce the launch of version 4.2 of its ElegantJ BI business intelligence solution. ElegantJ BI offers easy-to-use, self-serve, browser-based tools that are suitable for every business user, manager, executive, IT professional and analyst. These tools are used by small, medium and large enterprises around the world.


The newest version of ElegantJ BI includes:

Real-Time Cubes: Users have the freedom to work with real time data or cached data. The cube engine enables connection to disparate data sources such as databases, CSV files and MDX data sources like Microsoft® SSAS and SAP® BW cubes. Users can derive data for deep dive analytics and make swift, confident decisions to benefit the enterprise, its customers, partners and stakeholders. Every enterprise can understand the buying decisions of customers visiting stores or websites, protect against security breaches, discover a trending story about a product or industry, and stay on top of inventory and customer demand.

What-If Analysis: The newest version of ElegantJ BI provides enhanced, easy-to-use features so business users can easily perform sophisticated what-if analysis without the assistance of a programmer. Users can review and analyze prospective changes in multiple input variables and analyze various what-if scenarios, to understand the impact of increased or decreased interest rates on projected investments, the effect of raw material or labor costs on the bottom line, and the impact on profits from product cost increases or increased production. These are just a few examples of real-world ‘what-if’ analysis.

Elegant MicroWeb CEO, Kartik Patel says, “When you consider the key differentiators inherent in the ElegantJ BI product, and the enhanced features and functionality of the new version, it is easy to see the market, competitive and user advantages of our business intelligence solution.”

The ElegantJ BI business intelligence suite includes a 100% browser based interface, Deep Dive Analytical capabilities, KPI Analytics, Managed Memory Computing and a unique ‘Design Once, Use Anywhere’ intelligent UI that provides comprehensive support for mobile BI users and devices.

Future enhancements include Smart Data Discovery with self-serve data exploration and preparation, that creates Citizen Data Scientists with features like smart visualization, and plug n’ play predictive analysis. The Smart Data Discovery approach provides recommended visualization techniques, based on the type of data a user is analyzing, and suggests relationships, reveals the impact and importance of key factors, recommends data type casts, data quality improvements and more.

“ElegantJ BI has always been focused on creating BI tools that are easy to use and provide data integration and solution mobility,” says Patel. “Our newest and upcoming offerings enable Smart Data Discovery so that users and partners can leverage scalable, leading-edge architecture in an easy-to-use environment.”

About ElegantJ BI

ElegantJ BI is the flagship BI solution of Elegant MicroWeb, is powered by unique Managed Memory Computing, and a ‘Design Once, Use Anywhere’ approach to Mobile BI. Future features include Smart Data Discovery, Advanced Analytics, Plug n’ Play Predictive Analysis, self-serve data preparation that enable organizations to transform business users into Citizen Data Scientists. It is used by large, medium and small businesses around the world, including Saudi Telecom, IPCA Laboratories, JMC Projects, Sharekhan, Raychem RPG and many other small and medium size businesses.

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