BI Dashboards for Pharmaceuticals!

Can Analytics for Pharmaceuticals Simplify Decisions and Planning?

If you work in a pharmaceutical company, you can appreciate how large and complex these businesses are and the critical need for information and data that is a constant reality within your organization. Data crosses the enterprise in the form of research and development, regulatory compliance requirements, test data, drug contraindications, side effects, clinical trials, ingredients and dosage information, doctor and patient information and more.



Developing a pharmaceutical product for sale involves human resource allocation and skills and knowledge management, the expense of managing the patients and practitioners involved in clinical trials and a protracted time to market with the need for constant data management and analysis. Test data may cross-geographical and cultural boundaries, and require data analysis and communication in various languages and across multiple enterprise systems and platforms. Once a pharmaceutical product has been tested, the enterprise must obtain approval from regulatory agencies and work within strict parameters with less margin for error.

So, how does Business Intelligence support your pharmaceutical enterprise? The answer is simple. Business Intelligence for Pharmaceuticals provides you with the ability to quickly and easily implement Business Intelligence across the enterprise in a simple, practical, affordable, browser-based environment and allow your users to leverage a clear, accurate reporting tool for pharmaceuticals to share data and make confident decisions.

Users can view and manage data in a simple dashboard environment to manage quality control, receive notice of quality issues, target and manage sales, supply and distribution and supplier and network relationships.

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