Deep Dive Analytics: Simple Answers to Complex Questions!

Your Users are Starving for Info. Deep Dive Analytics Can Feed Your Business!

What exactly is deep dive analytics? It might help to think of deep dive vs. simple analysis as a comparison similar to a one-ingredient dish vs. a dish with multiple ingredients, flavors and aromas. Which would you rather eat? Exactly! You want something that provides all the flavors and the experience you need in dining.



In a similar way, deep dive gives you more refined, insightful information with which to make decisions. When compared to simple analysis using a spreadsheet or staring at data and trying to draw conclusions, Deep Dive Analytics reveals the ‘nuggets’ of information you need to get a jump on the competition and to identify trends, patterns and opportunities.

Just imagine that you could identify the root cause behind why a particular branch is not performing. Expense, sales, salaries, customer analytics, profitability, and their combination will be needed for answers, but this is an impossible task in a pre-configured dashboard that provides you with just filtering, drill down and drill up, and similar operations.

If you have the flexibility to dive into data and ask difficult questions, you can solve complex problems. You can use ad hoc analysis with a large range of data operations to explore and discover value from your data. With the right tools, there are no limits on how you use date and time. Monitoring dashboards are usually limited to two to three predefined options for a time series.

Deep Dive analysis allows you to make cross tabs with filters and data operations so you can ask questions on the fly to make decisions. In Deep Dive analytics, you can explore and investigate problems on your own as a business user. You don’t need the help of an IT staff member or an analyst. You can drill into the data the way you want and add columns, compare disconnected time periods, add columns with computed data, rank, filter, sort, change data operations, change summary operations and groups.

Why leave your business users starving for good, solid information when you can give them a flavorful, multi-layered experience that will feed their needs and empower them to make better decisions.

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