When a business considers internet web traffic, it must focus on the true value of business sites and target sales conversion. With valuable business intelligence tools, you can dust off that crystal ball and truly predict future business success, by looking at the trends and patterns and understanding the buying behaviors of your users and prospects. Understanding how, why and where people access your site(s) and browse your products and services is crucial to business success. Gathering and analyzing business intelligence can help you to focus on the real target audience, and a finitely segmented marketing strategy will help your business to grow and help you reach customers who will buy products and services without wasting a lot of marketing money or resources.

Business intelligence features like personalized dashboards, slice and dice, data drill down and drill through, cube management, forecasting and predictive analysis, impact and sensitivity analysis, balanced scorecards, graphical OLAP and other features, help the marketing, sales and management teams to see where and how people access information and what prompts them to explore a portal, corporate site or FaceBook page.


To compete in today’s mobile, social buying environment, the business must test assumptions and determine whether their service levels, product offerings, price points and channels will result in business success.

How many times does a particular user access your site?
What type of device do they use to access the site?
How long do they stay on a page or on the site?
Where are they when they access the site?
Is there a particular time of day that the user is online or in a ‘buying mood’?
Which pages or sections of your site most often result in visitor drop-in?
Which pages or sections of your site are most successful in goal conversion?

Short of following your users or prospects around, how can you figure out the best way to approach them or the best time to get their attention? How can you or design the user navigation and flow to ensure better goal conversion? What are your users expecting from your site or from the online experience? What draws visitors to your site and what pulls in drop-ins? How and where are you getting the most successful goal conversion? What is the navigation, buying behavior and flow of users by geography, and/or demographics?

No matter what industry your business is in or what type of market, you need business intelligence to understand user preferences and establish a path to successful goal conversion using your web statistics and integrated business intelligence analysis. You can then design a user experience, and create content and marketing and sales campaigns to ensure that your users get what they need and want and will therefore respond by purchasing products and services and referring others to your site(s).

With concise, clear reporting and business intelligence, you can analyze trends and patterns and better understand your customers and prospects. You can forecast and predict results, improve sales and customer satisfaction, and manage the business and make by making course corrections and capitalizing on opportunities. With the right business intelligence tools you can dust off that crystal ball and truly see and target your customers with better focus than ever before!