Open Source… PHP… CMS Framework… & it’s Drupal!! Did I hear USP with a question mark? Well, it has a highly sophisticated API for the developers yet fundamental website installation and administrative chores of framework do not require any programming skills.


Also; to your relief; it comes alive on any computing platform which can support a web server (PHP compatible of course) and a database to store your content as well as configuration specifications.

Core i.e. it’s codebase; the stock element e.g. Bootstrap, Common Libraries; is extendable (thus modular) by aid of varied complimenting modules inclusive of the even system module.

But it’s best suited if your biz requirements REALLY entail complex content relationship, tagging, authoring ++.

An advanced system with defined content appearing on different pages… in varied ways… at different places… then Drupal steps-in head held high with its core trait of complex content; it’s relationships as well as access control of the content for astounding flexibility of your complex project.

It has quite a modular architecture (PAC or Production Abstraction Control type) across entire functionalities enabling it with this flexibility thus an almost pervasive plug-n-play kind of fitment in case of very specific project requirements. Be aware, it Does get Complex with increasing hunger to envelope “girth of functionalities” of too Enterprising Enterprise CMS.

So it offers no surprise when it’s a chosen CMS for at least medium & above projects bracket in enterprise segment of the market.

The sought integration with obviously complex CMS ecosystem viz. analytics, marketing/sales automation tools, advertising tools, transaction platforms etc. are ably integrated with little configuration (which is needed for specific customization of extension for a peculiar requirement).

And what to say about its phenomenal support during development stage all along—courtesy. Its own forum added to stack exchange ecosystem. Fellow Coders drenched in PHP;’s forum is your nirvana!

The buck doesn’t stop here, Drupal is also a Web Application Framework while fulfilling the criterion for same at length functionally.

You should work with Drupal only if you have good technical inclination, or it’s not for you. That being said, the technical inclination does not translate in to technical know-how, it is rather about how robust your product, web application must be and how it serves the purposes that you intend for it serve.

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