Want to Improve Data Literacy and Data Democratization? Use the Right BI Tools!

When you want to democratize data and help your business users function at a higher level; when you want to improve the quality of decisions; when you want to optimize the analytical and data scientist resources you have and make them more productive, you have to look at the business intelligence solutions that are designed to support every team member. Most of your team members are professionals with specific knowledge and that knowledge should be giving you a market advantage and should be dedicated to doing the job and filling the role you need the team member to fill.

To make your team more productive, you want them to have the BI tools they need to gather information from an integrated source that includes data from all across the enterprise and use that data with easy reporting, alerts, and collaborative tools so that they can quickly analyze and understand what they are seeing and how things need to change, where the opportunities are and what is really happening in the business. They need to be able to share this data easily and produce reports and create Data Visualizations and displays that will help others understand so no time is wasted and the business can succeed and compete.

To democratize data and improve data literacy, you’ll want to choose business intelligence tools that are designed for business users – not tools that are meant for experts in analytics or data science. You CAN achieve your goals. Start here: Business Intelligence For Business Users, EasyBITools

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