Fresh vs. Packaged Data? No Contest

Fresh Business Intelligence Data is Key to Confident Decisions.

Here’s what I know about Business Intelligence: Old or incomplete information does not constitute intelligence – what it does is to result in decisions that are sometimes wrong and nearly always misleading. When we provide a business intelligence tool that ties the hands of business users; when we give business users tools and dashboards that are designed by IT or analysts and assume comprehensive knowledge of user needs, we give our business users the wrong kind of tools!



What your business users need is mobile business intelligence with fresh data – data that they can gather, organize and analyze with drill down, drill through and format options that will give them what they need to uncover the root cause of issues, capitalize on opportunities and discover nuggets of information that reveal patterns and trends. Users need tools they can use in a way that is meaningful to them with mobile BI dashboards and reports that can be shared. Users need social business intelligence dashboards that allow the analytical skills and understanding of business users to grow by virtue of the popularity of data and the power users who leverage great business intelligence tools to analyze data in creative ways.

While data governance and data access are valid concerns, the organization that chooses a flexible, multi-layered business intelligence tool can provide its users with a business intelligence solution that allows for integrated data that is fresh and clear and will allow for the day-to-day decisions required of every team member in the organization. Packaged data access cannot possibly anticipate and accommodate every need a business user has, nor can it provide comprehensive support for business objectives and strategies.

If you need the kind of mobile BI dashboard that can provide this support, you can start here: Mobile BI Dashboards