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We all know the definition of the word ‘anarchy’! The dictionary describes ‘anarchy’ as: ‘a state of disorder due to absence or non-recognition of authority.’ When it comes to data governance, no business wants to risk data anarchy.


Data Anarchy occurs:

  • When valuable, critical data sources reside in the same repositories as ungoverned data components
  • When data is accessed directly with only high level security permission
  • When multiple versions of the same data exist within the enterprise
  • When there is no Fine Grain Access Rights Management to control access to data

With all the press regarding self-serve BI and self-serve data preparation, no business can avoid the clamor of business users or ignore the benefits of self-serve BI tools. If your organization is to achieve true self-serve, mobile BI, and business user empowerment, it must find its way past Data Anarchy to achieve dependable Data Governance while, at the same time, allowing users the flexibility and access they need sophisticated tools and an ease-of-use that will encourage user adoption.

You can combat Data Anarchy and achieve dependable Data Governance with an IT controlled centralized semantic meta-data layer so business users can leverage integrated data, analytical tools and reports without direct access to underlying data sources and enjoy the equally crucial benefit of data access and manipulation without the technical complexity of working with these data sources. Governed Data Discovery goes beyond static BI dashboards to provide agile, comprehensive functionality so users can gather, manage and deliver data without compromising data integrity, security or the source chain of data.

If you want to achieve your business intelligence goals and ensure Data Governance, contact the experts. Technology Rich Data Governance

Source – Great Data Governance and Self-Serve BI – YES! It’s Possible